Nancy Pelosi Says That Impeaching Trump Is Not Worth It

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, who is the Speaker of the House, stated that impeaching Trump is not worth it. In the past, she had not been clear about her position. Nancy said that going down the path of impeachment would not be worth it because it would divide the country.

Nancy also said that she believed that President Trump had done some things that she believed were unconstitutional. However, she stated that beating Trump in 2020 is what people should focus on. If the House did decide to impeach Trump, then the Senate would have to vote on it. The Senate would likely acquit Trump, so Nancy believes that impeachment would be a waste of time.

The Democrats are hopeful that they will be able to win the presidential election in 2020. Several Democrat hopefuls have entered the race. The only Republican who has entered the 2020 race is Bill Weld, who is the former governor of Massachussetts.

Nancy was asked whether she believed Trump was fit to be president. She stated that he is not ethically or intellectually fit to be a president. James Comey, who is the former FBI director, is also not in favor of impeaching Trump. He stated that an impeachment would let the people who voted for Trump off the hook.

Nancy was also asked about whether she believed the country was more divided than before. She said that she has seen a lot of partisanship in her time. However, she said that she does not see the country coming together.

Furthermore, Nancy said that she does not want to see a reaction from the Republicans. She just wants to see action on the part of the Republican Party. She believes that if the Republican party is more divided, then it can help the country come together.

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