Lack Of Power Forces Venezuelans To Make Tough Decisions

Lack Of Power, Massive Blackouts

Venezuela is experiencing massive blackouts. The lack of power, water, and access to food has resulted in at least 17 deaths. Hospitals don’t have the power that they need to treat patients, which means that they are making decisions to turn away those who are injured. They are unable to perform needed surgeries. In some cases, they are sending patients to other hospitals that do have power. When you look at the city at night, you can see that there are no lights on in most of the buildings. Some of the larger businesses have generators, but with the lack of gas flowing, there is no indication as to how long the generators will last.

There are relatives of patients in hospitals and nursing homes who have to walk down the halls with flashlights or candles in order to make sure their loved ones are safe. City streets are lined with cars that have their headlights on as the only thing that shines at night. Businesses appear to be forsaken as no one has been in them in days. Residents sit on ledges of apartment buildings instead of sitting inside at night so that they aren’t in dark rooms.

With no power, the traffic lights don’t work. This has caused several car accidents as officers try to maintain order by directing traffic on busy roads. Hundreds of people are lining the streets to try to find out what’s going on in Venezuela. They want to know when there will be power and when they will have the essentials that they need to survive. They aren’t asking for luxuries. Instead, they only want food, water, and electricity. Gas stations that do have power are allowing customers to get a minimal amount of gas before it runs out along with companies that have access to fresh water.

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