Andy Stanley: World-Renowned Pastor

Andy Stanley: A World-Renowned Pastor

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Andy Stanley is an evangelical pastor and dedicated man of God. His real name is Charles Andrew Stanley, and he was born on May 16, 1958. He is a well-known preacher and has decades of experience in the industry. He is the lead pastor at a number of major Christian churches. Some of these include the Decatur City Church, Gwinnett Church, Browns Bridge Church, Woodstock City Church, Buckhead Church and the North Point Community Church. Stanley actually founded North Point Ministries. He has helped Northpoint Ministries grow into one of the largest Christian organizations in the entire world. Although their largest presence is in the United States, Northpoint also extends its efforts to other countries throughout the world.

Andy Stanley attended Georgia State University where he received a degree in journalism. He had a passion for writing and expressing his beliefs. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Stanely attended the Dallas Theological Seminary to receive his master’s degree. The unique combination of theology and journalism set out a perfect path for Stanley to find his true calling. He started working immediately after school at First Baptist Atlanta. He started as an Associate Pastor and quickly moved up to Minister to Students. After leaving the church, he and five other friends decided to start North Point Community Church.

The project was started in 1995 in a belief that the word of God needed to be heard around the world. What began as a humble thought has now grown into one of the most well-known organizations related to Christianity. North Point Community Church has over 32,000 weekly attendees throughout its six campuses. It is currently ranked as one of the largest churches in the United States. North Point Ministries has aided in the process of establishing 20 churches in Canada and the United States that act as strategic partners.

Andy Stanley has built a reputation as a leading pastor within the faith. In a 2010 survey, American pastors from the Protestant Church were asked to rank the top 10 most influential preachers alive today. Stanley was ranked within this prestigious group. His own Buckhead Church received public attention for their innovative use of HD video. USA Today covered the story in a 2006 article that highlighted this unique replacement for live speakers.

Stanley has received a lot of recognition and many accolades for his long history of ministry and dedication to the faith. In early 2009, he was chosen to be one of the four speakers at a National Prayer Service that followed that year’s presidential inauguration. This was a major achievement that gained Stanley even more fame and placed him on another world stage. Stanley was humbled by the offer and did not hesitate to help bring in the new president with a service of faith. He has also been speaking frequently at the Global Leadership Summit that is held at the Willow Creek Association. This summit was founded in 1995 by Bill Hybels.

Stanley currently resides in Milton, Georgia with his wife and three children. His father is also a pastor at the First Baptist Church in Atlanta.

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