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What makes a service provider stand out from the rest in the crowded energy industry?


Agera Energy LLC, based in New York, is an energy conservation firm that supplies electricity and natural gas. Agera offers customizable plans and eco-friendly energy options to customers across the U.S. Agera Energy’s customers are local businesses, institutions, municipalities and commercial property owners in all 50 states.

This company is different, however, from any other suppliers in the field. First of all, Agera Energy has the desire to make positive change in the environment and for communities they serve by making energy expenses that are eco-friendly. For example, one service they offer to their customers is LED lamp retrofitting. Businesses all over the country are huge consumers of electricity, and lighting is a big portion of their usage. Typical incandescent and halogen light bulbs use more electricity than LED bulbs.


Therefore, by using Agera to help commercial businesses see the return on investment by retrofitting their existing fixtures to LED bulbs, companies are seeing lower utility bills, a longer life span of bulbs, and 20% visibility improvement in workspaces and common areas. Agera Energy offers a five-year warranty for these services as well as potential rebates for this conversion. In most cases where the rebates are available, they help offset installation costs and procurement of the new LED bulbs.


This is not the only way Agera Energy assists in their customers’ savings opportunities. Kerry Cassidy, a Channel Manager at Agera, helps customers understand and manage their energy expenses. She helps analyze costs and helps them by providing the best solutions, specific to each customer. She states, “Agera has the ability to customize our products and pricing, so that they’re tailored specifically to a customer’s usage profile. Some customers require different billing options, and we have the ability to accommodate those needs when we bill them directly for their energy supply.”


One of Agera’s customers, Luis Mercado, states that “the savings have been very good, and I have been able to allocate that money to different areas of my business.” Another customer’s testimony states, “I would definitely recommend switching to Agera. The customer relationship piece that you build with their representative; they have your back.   They make it easy for you. They take your energy needs off of your plate and allow you to focus on running your everyday business.”

Agera Energy works hard to provide and promote green products and solutions that keep the environment in mind. Agera supports Green Business focused events and opportunities. The company helps to educate other businesses to reduce their environmental impact. Agera was one of the first organizations in Westchester County in New York to achieve the Westchester Green Business Certification, and to date, it is the only Energy Service Company ever to become certified.


Additionally, Agera Energy partners with their local communities. Agera Energy is supporting their customers through their initiative called Agera Cares. Agera Cares hosts various events such as community food drives, local little league team fundraisers, clothing drives and volunteering at soup kitchens. For example, in September of 2018, Agera Cares sponsored a veteran riding in New York’s Tour de Force, which raises funds in support of the families of first responders that are killed in the line of duty.


Kerry Cassidy states, “One of the best things about working at Agera is that we’re not only an energy supplier, but we supply the community with our energy through our community outreach.” One of the Agera Cares recent outreach endeavors was the donation of time, food, clothing and money to the Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen in New York City. Agera customer Lenny Sarrero, owner of Westchester Workout says of this program, “What I like about working with Agera is the fact that they work with the communities. I like that because I like to get involved with the community myself.”


There are not many independent energy suppliers that do this much good and manage to leave a good impression on the communities they serve.


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