Actress Arrested For College Admissions Fraud And Released From Television Role

Full House, Fuller House, Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin is probably best known for her role as Aunt Becky on “Full House” and “Fuller House.” However, she will not return to the show for the fall season because of her involvement with a recent college admissions scandal. The Hallmark Channel has also fired the actress from appearing in any further movies. Loughlin’s daughter has dropped out of the college that her mother paid to get her accepted to, and there are sponsors who have dropped her daughter as well.

The actress has been released from the new “Fuller House” series as it enters its final season. There is no indication as to how the writers will put her departure from the show into the script. She wasn’t on the show regularly like she was in the original show, but she was a component who added love and support to DJ and the rest of the family. Since Loughlin didn’t appear regularly, it’s beneficial as to how the writers and other actors can address her not being there any longer. There have been no comments about the release from Netflix or from Loughlin’s agents.

Officials arrested Loughlin only a few days after allegations arose about her conspiracy and mail fraud related to college admissions. She was taken to jail, but she was able to post her bond for her release. The bond was $1 million. Loughlin’s husband faces charges along with her as he was involved in getting his daughter into a top college by providing false information as well. Hallmark will not put Loughlin back on the “When Calls The Heart.” This was one of the most popular shows on the channel. A court date has not been set for Loughlin or any of the others who have been involved in the conspiracy, including actress Felicity Huffman.

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