87 Percent of GOP Approve Of Trump

President D. Trump

President Trump’s approval rating with the Republican Party is improving. Eighty-seven percent of the party approves of him. Many of them stated that they believe that the Russian Investigation was nothing more than just a witch hunt. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans believed that the investigation was a witch hunt. Eighteen percent of people stated that the investigation was legitimate.

Eighteen percent of the Democrats believed that the investigation was legitimate. Seven percent of them believed that it was a witch hunt. This information is based on a poll that was taken by YouGov. Interestingly, most of the people who were polled stated that they never believed that President Trump colluded with the Russians. They also stated that media reports were exaggerated.

Only 41 percent of the people who were polled believed that President Trump accepted help from the Russians. Thirty-one percent of them stated that he asked for help from the Russians. The full report is still being reviewed. However, Trump’s approval rating is improving. Experts also predict that his rating will continue to improve over the next few weeks. President Trump stated that he will release the full report within a few weeks.

President Trump stated that being cleared of wrongdoing was a victory for them. He stated that these have been an incredible couple of weeks for America. He also stated that he is focused on his victories. President Trump stated that the economy is doing well, and ISIS is being defeated. He also said that even though his name has been smeared for three years, the Russian Hoax is finally dead.

President Trump said that Mueller was a God to the Democrats. The investigation is over, and the Democrats do not care for Mueller anymore. President Trump also thanked his supporters for staying with him the entire time.

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