Trump Slams Climate Change And The Insects Say He’s Crazy

President D. Trump, President Trump

It’s common knowledge. President Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. And he totally denies any human participation in the phenomenon. Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her candidacy for president recently, and the first thing Trump did was bash her stand on climate change. Fossil fuel production is more important than slowing the impact on climate change in Trump’s world. As he told the press, he won’t be around to experience all the damage his ignorance will do to the world.

According to several government climate change reports, the ice around Greenland is in meltdown overdrive. The old reports that predicted massive flooding in the low-lying areas of the United States will happen within 100 years are hogwash. The new prediction is parts of Florida, New Orleans, and other cities will be underwater by 2050. And some reports predict that will happen before 2030.

There’s another issue that most people don’t hear about when the climate change damage is the topic of conversation. Overpopulation, deforestation, pesticides, and climate change have done a number on the insect population. In other words, the world’s ecosystem is about to self-destruct thanks to humans. More than 40 percent of the insect population is close to extinction. And another 33 percent of the insect population are candidates for extinction. The insect population drops by 2.5 percent every year, according to the first global scientific review.

According to first global scientific review, the planet is in one those planetary events that cause a mass extinction. Scientists say this planetary event will cause the sixth mass extinction in human history. Scientists say insects are due for a planetary adjustment and relocation. They say the same thing about the human population. Some scientists say the repositioning of land masses and oceans are part of this major event, and by the end of the century, all insects will be extinct.

The fact that all the bugs are on their way out pleases a lot of people. Humans have always had a dualistic relationship with bugs and other crawling creatures. People forget insects are part of the food chain. Without insects, the birds and the other forms of life that depend on them to survive will disappear.

The decline in the insect population is a serious concern in the scientific community. But without support from the people who can slow down the process, the mass extinction will happen faster. Trump won’t be around to see, but his great-grandchildren will be. But those future Trump’s might be using a different last name.

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