Neurocore is Addressing Several Symptoms with Brain Training


If you have ever experienced mental health or behavioral health challenges, you know how hard it can be to seek treatment for such challenges. Social stigma’s, healthcare cost, and sometimes the ailment itself can prevent those facing these challenges from taking the first step towards recovery or remission. For those that are able to overcome these prerequisite steps, the treatment options available traditionally involve some form of psychotherapy, medication, or some combination of the two.

Modern science and medicine have polished psychotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments, and both are effective to an extent. But some groups of people do not respond to these treatment methods and others are unwilling to bear the burden of possible side effects. But modern neuroscience has given us a third treatment option. An option that uses the power of the brain to address an array of mental and behavioral health challenges. An option that uses the brains ability to learn and improve based on informational cues about one’s environments. An option that has virtually no side effects. Neurofeedback is this treatment option and its list of applications is growing.

To date, brain performance centers like Neurocore, have had success using Neurofeedback to treat anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, depression migraines, sleep problems, stress, memory boot camp, athletes, adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, teen ADHD and child ADHD. When prospective clients first hear how many mental and health challenges neurofeedback addresses, they often question, “Why is it always the same solution?” The short answer, a stronger brain can make anything possible. The scientific answer points to the impact that the brain has on these challenges.

Take depression, ADHD, and ASD for example. On the surface these mental and behavioral disorders seemingly have nothing to do with each other. Or put another way, the symptoms of these disorders tend to look nothing alike. But the impact the brain has on ADHD, ASD, and depression are equally important. Identifying this impact and training the brain to manipulate this impact is what Neurofeedback is all about.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, sleep problems, or just want to bring your athletic life to the next level, neurofeedback starts off the same for everybody. First, a custom ‘hat’ that measures different parts of the brain’s electrical activity is worn by a client. Clinicians are then able to put together a personalized “brain map” to set a baseline for brain activity. Brain maps are also helpful in furthering diagnoses for the above-mentioned disorder as they can give doctor’s a better view of any irregularities in electrical activity.

Once a client has their very own brain map, then neurofeedback training or EEG Biofeedback can begin. At Neurocore, the client experience of neurofeedback treatment sessions consist of watching their favorite movie or show while wearing the EEG ‘hat’. While client’s watch the content of their choosing, that’s when the neurofeedback begins. That is because Neurocore movie players are programed with special algorithms that read a client’s brain waves during viewing and pause the content when a client’s brain is not operating in optimal ways. Through this reward system (the reward being able to watch your movie all the way through without interruption) some clients, subconsciously learn how to harness their focus and overtime, brain function improves.


Neurocore takes a comprehensive approach to neurofeedback that involves biofeedback training. With heart-rate variability, clients learn to take slower, deeper breathes which maximize one’s heart functioning which in turn allows for the proper amount of blood to be pumped throughout the body, and you guessed it, the brain.

Neurocore has also began offering an at-home neurofeedback program that allows the client to get the benefits of this treatment from the comfort of their own homes. Those suffering from lack of focus, sleep issues, stress, and memory troubles can now take neurofeedback training anywhere they need to go. Aside from the initial brain mapping process, Neurocore client’s no longer having to be at the Neurocore facilities to take advantage of the technology.

To learn more about how neurofeedback is upping the game of athletes all around the world, how neurofeedback is bringing relief to those stricken with depression, or any of the above mentioned behavioral and mental challenges, call 844 MY BRAIN.

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