Michael Cohen Potentially Commits Perjury

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen sat in front of Congress on Thursday, where he was grilled by both sides of the political spectrum. The purpose of the hearing was to obtain information about Cohen possesses in relation to his dealings with President Donald Trump. Cohen is a former attorney for Trump, working for him since 2007. Democrats have been foaming at the mouth with anticipation, hoping that Michael Cohen would deliver the goods. The majority of these individuals, as well as the mainstream media, are under the impression that Cohen was told to lie to Congress by Donald Trump. An article was published several months ago making this claim, although this was proven to be false. This fabrication is a big deal, based on the fact that this type of accusation could have been grounds for impeachment. In reality, it appears that this is completely false, as Trump never told Cohen to lie in front of Congress. Robert Mueller’s office actually came out and released a statement that Trump never told Cohen to lie, but this has not stopped many people from continuing to run with the story.
Things took a turn today when Michael Cohen went in front of Congress and made statements about Donald Trump. While he said that Trump did not tell him to lie, there seemed to be a lot of inconsistencies in his statements. Republicans are insisting that Cohen lied under oath and therefore committed perjury on Thursday. They are now calling for him to be prosecuted, as there is a very good chance that he made false statements while under oath. A lot of the things he said about Donald Trump were inaccurate, with his speech sounding like it was written to go along with mainstream media talking points. You don’t have to be a fan of Donald Trump to witness and comprehend the fact that he is unfairly attacked by nearly every single media outlet on a daily basis. The answers that Michael Cohen gave on Thursday sounded as if they were coming directly from the heads at CNN, so there is no surprise that there are now calls for him to be prosecuted for perjury. The mainstream media has been caught over and over creating complete fabrications about President Donald Trump, which is why it is a big deal that Cohen was reiterating these talking points. If it is determined he lied under oath, he may have to face legal consequences for his actions.

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