The Long-Awaited Reforms Seemingly Underway at the VA

The Department of Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veteran Affairs may be on a highway to experiencing a radical reform process that will otherwise enhance the kind of services we render to our veterans. Among the major changes that are being experienced in the recent past includes the VA’s ability to reach out to three generations of veterans who have served in various conflicts around the globe ranging from World War 1 to Iraq and Syria.

Such a transformation is highly welcome in a country where veterans have been otherwise neglected for decades. One of the notable transformations being experienced in our time are changes in the healthcare system. These changes will ensure that our veterans receive the much-needed psychological care for therapeutic wellness, something that will promote their long and deserved after-conflict life.

The continued commitment within the Department of Veteran Affairs towards ensuring the modernization of our internal clinics is such a welcome move that has been promised by politicians and anticipated over the years. The generously funded by congress department should be able to live up to its obligations and public expectations; with all due fairness.

Among the notable programs under the VA objective of reaching out to more veterans is the Community Care Choice Program that targets cutting short the lengthy wait-times that veterans have to endure in order to receive medical and psychological attention. Implemented in 2014 as a congressional remedial measure targeted at cutting on the crisis, the Choice Program’s success is a testament to the fact that a dedicated country can be able to discharge fair services to its veterans.

An equal transformation is occurring within the Veteran Affairs workforce as they are showing more dedication towards serving veterans than ever before. If this transformation is to last, then there would be a need to hire Veteran Affairs’ Department workers who have the greatest burden for our veterans. Gone are the days when workers would sit by and watch our veterans suffer mental breakdown without taking the proper action.

Any reformation measure targeted to the Veteran Affairs Department intending to bring a positive change is highly welcome. Such a transformation will make our veterans feel like their fellow citizens when it comes to access to convenient healthcare services. Congress, therefore, owes the VA the much-needed support, not only in terms of funding but also when it comes to issues of importance such as policy development that would otherwise back-up the positive reforms within the VA.

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