Chipotle Will Be Getting a Drive-Thru Soon


Many Chiptole locations will have a drive-thru. Brian Niccol is the CEO of Chiptole. He said that there will adding more mobile pick-up lanes to their Chiptole restaurants. These are known as Chiptolanes. Many of these Chiptolanes will be at new Chiptole restaurants.

Brian stated that the Chiptolanes will work like drive-thrus. The main difference between the Chiptolanes and traditional drive-thrus is that people will have to place their orders ahead of time by using the mobile app or an online form. After that, the customer will need to pull up the drive-thru at a specific time. People will be able to pick up their orders without leaving their car.

Brian stated that this is the best way to get food. Executives stated that they want to increase mobile orders and digital orders. Brian also said that the Chiptolanes are allowing people to experiment with different types of stores.

Many Chiptoles have a sign that says “Picking up an online or app order?” The people will then be instructed to go to the drive-thru. People like this concept. One person said that they like the fact that they can order food without having to wait. They also said that this is a unique concept.

Brian stated that this concept is still in the early stages. They will be testing the concept on more stores this year. Digital sales are growing. In 2018, Chiptole’s digital sales increased by 65.6 percent. It is estimated that 12.9 percent of the sales were done via app or online last year.

Brian talked about adding a drive-thru to Chiptole back in January 2018. He said that access is one of the things that stops people from ordering from Chiptole. He wants people to be able to get their food without having to even get out of their car.

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