Trump May Have Another Flake in the Republican-Controlled Senate

Mitt Romney

Donald Trump isn’t presidential material, according to former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. He lost the presidential race in 2012, but Romney won Jeff Flake’s Utah Senate seat last November. He’s not coming back to Washington with his political tail between his legs. His recent op-ed in the Washington Post proves Romney isn’t going to be a card-carrying member of Trump Republican lemmings club.

Romney didn’t hold back when he wrote Trump lacks essential presidential qualities like honesty and integrity. Even former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Trump is the worst president ever. Reid said the country had some bad leaders, but Trump is a league of his own.

Trump can’t bring the country together, according to Romney and Reid. He doesn’t want to bring the world together even though a 2016 Pew Research Center poll showed 84 percent of the people in the U.K., Germany, Canada, Sweden, and France thought he could. That percentage dropped to 16 percent in 2017.

Senator Romney thinks the world needs United States leadership now more than ever thanks to China’s plan to replace the United States as the largest economy in the world by 2025. And now that Russia has made it their mission to interfere with democratic elections around the world, it’s up to the United States to take a stand and stop that threat to the free world, according to Romney.

But Trump didn’t get the big job to bring the world together. His voter base put him on his imaginary throne to build walls and to keep helpless immigrants where Trump thinks they belong. Senator Romney got it right when he questions Trump’s character. Mr. Trump learned how to operate like a gangster politician from his friend Roy Cohn. He learned how to cheat his way to the top from New York real estate developers who cater to mobsters.

Mr. Trump is a master manipulator who believes what he says no matter how ludicrous those beliefs are when he puts them in tweet form. Trump’s senseless fight over a border wall proves the president doesn’t care about the people who serve the nation. He cares about his political marketability.

The president only cares about conquering the issues that make him look good to his voter base. If there are issues that make him look bad, he creates fantasies, and he sows false promises to reassure America will be great again if his followers believe what he believes. That presidential strategy worked for the last two years. But Romney, Robert Mueller, the New York Attorney General, Nancy Pelosi, and a group of young Congressmen could make that strategy a non-starter in 2019.

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