Stone Indictment Continues to Raise Questions and Controversy

Roger Stone

There is no shortage of debate over the news of the indictment of Roger Stone.

The former Donald Trump ally was arrested on Friday morning at his home in Florida. The early morning arrest made by the FBI created an amount of drama that catapulted the story to the top of the news cycle. The charges were a result of the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. Stone was charged with the crime of lying to Congress, however, the charges stopped short of conspiracy.

For some supporters of Stone, the absence of conspiracy charges indicates that Mueller does not have enough evidence to implicate Trump in any wrongdoing. For others, the facts of the case are enough to prove that Trump is guilty of coordinating with Wikileaks to disrupt the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Stone was in court on Tuesday, pleading not guilty to the charges. The outspoken frontman took this opportunity to assert that this was nothing more than a politically motivated investigation. Those close to the Mueller case may see things differently. If Mueller has proven anything so far it is that everything that he includes in an indictment is based on fact and that the specific words he chooses matter greatly.

Previous to this week, all signs were pointing to the truth that Mueller is nearing the end game of his investigation. This was further demonstrated earlier this week when Attorney General Matthew Whitaker commented that the investigation was close to being completed.

Despite the signals that things may be wrapping up, there are still a number of questions that have been left unanswered. Looking ahead to the following weeks, it will be interesting to see if Stone begins to cooperate with authorities in exchange for leniency. Political pundits are also wondering if Trump will consider pardoning Stone. And if so, when will the pardon take place? Lastly, all eyes will be on Mueller in an attempt to ascertain if the investigation is finally reaching its long-awaited conclusion as predicted by Whitaker.

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