Securing Airports As Workers Stay Home

Airports, Airports Workers

As the government shutdown reaches to its third week, there are more people and agencies seeing the impacts that it’s having on the country. Airports in numerous states have seen an increase in the number of TSA workers who are calling out sick. If the workers aren’t getting paid, they don’t think that they should have to go to work. In some states, the number of calls from workers has increased to about three times what they would normally be in January. While this is cold and flu season, many believe that workers aren’t really sick and are simply frustrated with not being paid.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know how long these workers will continue to call out and how many more will begin to stop showing up for work. The numbers do increase each day, which means that airports are starting to feel the burden of not having enough agents working. Some of the other people who work at the airports are being asked to do the work of the agents. However, these workers are not being paid for their jobs. When these workers begin to call out, airports will have to make serious decisions as to how they will operate. If airports cut back on hours, terminals that are open, or even overall operating hours, then passengers could begin to feel the impacts.

McCarran International Airport is located in Las Vegas. This is only one airport that has seen a drastic increase in the number of workers who have called out of work or who just aren’t showing up at all. Airports are trying to keep operations as normal as possible while the shutdown continues. Although passengers might have to wait in long lines, airports are trying to maintain the security of each airport along with the other functions to keep them open as long as possible.

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