Remembering Auschwitz


As people across the world remember those who were involved in the Holocaust and the activities at Auschwitz, a collection of images details some of the things that happened that many people have not seen. These are images that show the true longing to be set free. Auschwitz was used as a death camp for Nazis during World War II from 1940 to 1945. The camp was divided into at least three hubs. There were also several smaller camps on the property. Over one million people were killed at the camp, at least 90 percent being Jews. The survivors have told their stories so that others will never forget the horror that they endured. Some survivors have visited the camp in recent years.

As Jews arrived at the camp, they would line up and give their names to officers who would then check them off of a list. They would then be separated into groups, usually by gender or age. Deportation trains would arrive with hundreds of people each day. No one was safe from death at the concentration camp as many of the people on the trains were children. Fences with barbed wires surrounded the camp, preventing the escape of those who tried to leave. Sometimes, officers would shoot the people who were at the camp just because they felt like it or because someone stepped out of line.

There are images of offices standing around and laughing as Jews and other people who were brought to the camp walk to their deaths. Groups of men and women line up as they are deemed suitable to work. Those who were given the opportunity to work instead of being of given a death sentence usually cooked or helped in the warehouses by making pots, pans, and other items that were then sold. Because of the number of people who were killed each day, cremation furnaces were made so that the bodies of those who died wouldn’t linger at the camp.

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