Press Conferences Start And End With “No Comment” In Trump’s World

Trump Organization, Trump’s World

The press annoys president Trump. He hates to answer questions about his erratic decisions and behavior. When he does answer questions about important decisions, the world has to read between the lines of each sentence in order to get the full meaning of his words. To say Mr. Trump always has a hidden agenda when he speaks in front of a camera is an understatement.

Former press secretaries would hold weekly and sometimes daily press conference to keep the public informed. Those press secretaries wouldn’t always answer the pertinent questions reporters asked, but for the most part, the public got some information about foreign as well as domestic issues that impact the well-being of American citizens.

But in Trump’s White House, there’s an unwritten law about giving the press information on any topic. Sarah Sanders, Trump’s press secretary tried to hold press conferences during the first two years of Trump’s reign of tweets. But, according to some reporters, Sarah’s answers never made much sense. Her answers had that Trump make-believe element in them, so getting any kind of information from her turned into a waste of time. But reporters don’t stop being reporters when they get frivolous answers that muddy the political water more than clear it.

Mr. Trump told his staff to answer questions with “no comment.” He told the people who still work for him he should be the one to answer Fake News questions. And he does that by manipulating the answers in his Tweets. He lets the world know how dastardly the Democrats are for trying to ruin his nationalistic agenda. He rails about the Mueller investigation, and he cries about the lack of respect people have for his big beautiful border wall idea. Security experts and border patrol agents say a $5 billion wall is a bad idea, but that doesn’t matter to Trump.

Trump doesn’t want to answer questions that make him look like he’s in over his head. He doesn’t want his aides or his cabinet to answer for him. He wants to spin the answers so his voter base will follow him through this comedy of political errors. His tweets are for his voter base. His brief encounters with reporters are food for his voter base. And his defiant attitude and malicious decisions are for his voter base. The rest of the world doesn’t count to Trump.

Nothing counts in Trump’s world unless it conforms to his mode of knowing. Just like the Democrats, the Fake News is his enemy. In his mind, the press doesn’t deserve answers. He’ll answer the press in his own egocentric way.

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