President Trump Should Try A Simple Border Solution

Border Wall, President Trump

United States President Donald Trump has so far been unable to convince Congress a wall is needed at the southern border to secure the nation. However, if the situation constitutes an emergency as the president says it does, he should present his case directly to the citizens of America. President Trump should also look for ways to fund the wall with something other than taxpayer money that has already been collected.

One suggestion to the president would be to issue bonds to fund the wall. If the American people are as supportive of the wall as he says they are, the people will have no problem purchasing bonds to pay for the construction of the wall.

Government bonds have been used in the past to sell government programs. Bonds were used in both world wars by the U.S. government to help pay for troop mobilization. The Treasury Secretary for Woodrow Wilson, William McAdoo, was able to push ‘Liberty Loans’ on other people. Henry Morgenthau, Treasury Secretary for President Franklin Roosevelt, also sold war bonds to the American people.

Both campaigns were successful and millions of Americans supported the war efforts with their dollars.

President Trump has not requested any sacrifices from his supporters to build the wall he wants. When mentioning the wall during his campaign, Trump promised supporters the wall would be paid for by the Mexican government. However, the Mexican government maintained throughout the campaign they had no intentions of paying for the wall.

Trump said in December the wall would basically pay for itself with savings that would be realized through a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. The new agreement has yet to be ratified and no data exists to confirm the present claims by the president.

Brian Kolfage is an Iraq War veteran who attempted to raise money for the wall with a GoFundMe website. The target goal was $1 billion. The effort to date has raised about $20 million and Kolfage has decided to return the money to people who have donated.

The president has also said he would consider declaring a national emergency to give himself the right to use money slated for other programs to fund the wall construction. This brings us to the point again regarding the selling of bonds if he thinks the American people will agree with his views. The problem for the president, however, is 56 percent of Americans polled oppose him on the need for a wall.

It is time for the president to allow the federal government back into action. A wall bond campaign will provide him with the funds needed for the wall if the American people agree with him. If he does not receive the funds, it is a clear message to him another form of border security should be utilized.

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