The President Feels the Political Pressure but He’s Donald Trump so All Is Well in His Reality

President Trump

Being controversial is one of Donald Trump’s greatest assets. Trump thrives on conflicts. He creates conflicts in order to feed his super-sized ego. The conflict with the Democrats over border wall funding is business as usual for President Trump. But the wall won’t help solve the immigration issues, and some White House aides say Trump knows that. The aides say Trump’s wall fight isn’t about the wall. It’s about how Trump looks to his voter base.

The border wall debacle and the government shutdown are just two of the issues facing the president. According to a New York Times article, the FBI started investigating Trump’s interactions with the Russians after he fired James Comey in 2017. Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt he fired Comey because the FBI director was looking into his alleged collusion with the Russians during his campaign. And a recent Washington Post article claims all four of Trump’s meeting with Russian President Putin are a mystery. No one knows what the two men discussed when they were alone in Helsinki, or when they met at different summits over the last two years.

According to the Washington Post, Trump took his interpreter’s notes away from her so those talks would remain a secret. The Democrats will subpoena the interpreter in order to get the real story, according to one high-level Democrat. Both news reports are political bombshells. The information in those articles proves Trump has something to hide when it comes to his interactions with Putin, according to the Democrats.

The controversies Trump faced in the past won’t hold a candle to the relentless scrutiny the Democrats have in mind. Almost every powerful committee in Congress will investigate Trump’s comments and activities while he’s been in office and before he got the job. The Democrats think Trump may have acted like a Russian agent during his campaign. And he continued to help them when he got to the White House.

Mr. Trump told the world he wanted to work with Putin during his campaign. He even asked the Russians to produce more dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign. The day after he made that request more Clinton emails surfaced.

Trump tried to lift the sanctions against Russia when he first took office, but that didn’t work. He’s still trying to lift the sanctions against a Russian company. The owner of that company has Kremlin connections, and he’s Paul Manafort’s friend. New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants to block Trump’s move to lift those sanctions.

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