Pelosi Continues to Outsmart Trump at Every Turn


Sooner or later President Donald Trump will learn his lesson. The lesson is that he should not ever underestimate Nancy Pelosi.

Time and time again over the last month, Pelosi has schooled Trump as the two continue to battle over the ongoing government shutdown. However, it is Nancy who always comes out on top of every battle.

As House Majority Leader, Pelosi wielded her power to rescind the standard invitation to the president to address the nation in the State of the Union scheduled for next Tuesday. Trump immediately responded by threatening to find a different location to deliver the speech, leading some to believe he would hold a rally. However, just a few hours later, Trump backed down from this threat, giving Pelosi the clear win.

Although many critics have doubted Pelosi’s ability to go head to head with the president, it is clear that she is up to handle the task. Since stepping out into the political arena just a few short years ago, Trump has been able to come out on top in nearly every situation. But with Pelosi, he has met his match.

The vast experience and political power of Pelosi have made her into her Trump’s most formidable opponent. By understanding the power dynamics of the Washington political scene, Pelosi has been able to successfully outsmart Trump at every turn. This recent example of the State of the Union rebuff was no exception.

The congresswoman from California grew up in the world of politics. As the minority leader during both the Obama and Trump administrations, Pelosi shined in her ability to unite the Democratic machine in every major vote.

Some find it curious that Trump actually seems to even respect Pelosi at times. As a president who routinely assigns disparaging nicknames to his political opponents, Trump simply refers to Pelosi by her first name.

As the government shutdown continues to escalate, all eyes will be on Pelosi to keep exerting this power in an attempt to rob Trump of his desired wall. If anyone can beat him at his own game, it is surely her.

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