Mike Pence Gives Venezuelans a Big Hello in Spanish and Trumps Unwavering Support

Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence seems to turn up and say things in foreign countries that sound like the foreign version of Trump’s political reality show, to an EIN article. Countries in South America know Maduro is a crook, thief, and low life. The people of Venezuela fall deeper in Maduro’s dictatorial trap as the world watches. It’s that trap of political nepotism that seems to infest government leaders when they realize how powerful they are. When Hugo Chavez died, Nicolas Maduro took his place. Chavez didn’t know the former truck driver would turn into Venezuela’s 1958 nightmare. That’s when the country got rid of another despot.

Mike Pence didn’t stand in front of the people and talk to them. He gave them a pre-recorded speech in Spanish with a little English tossed in. He couldn’t stand in front of a group of starving men, women, and children and give them that big “Hola” from the United States he gave them on the recorded message. During the message, Pence put his judgmental Christian hat on and denounced Maduro for putting Venezuela through such torture. The world sat by and watched Democracy burn in the taco shell in Maduro’s greedy and bloody hands, according to several Spanish news reports, so Pence knew about it.

Mr. Pence believes his recorded presence is the assurance the people of Venezuela need to believe the United States supports their cause. His critics said there’s an epic humanitarian crisis going on in our country, and Pence only replies with empty assurances. Even the people of Venezuela know the United States isn’t that kind of supportive friend anymore. The South American critics say Trump and Pence have Maduro tendencies.

There’s no victory in Mike Pence’s taped message to the people of Venezuela, according to some members of the resistance. Pence stood up for Trump when he taped that message. He passed on Trump’s unwavering support. He didn’t mention Trump’s unwavering support meter is in negative territory around the world these days. According to the Washington Post, the Davos Economic Forum, sees big economic changes in the world’s immediate future thanks, in part, to Mr. Trump’s global economic strategy. His trade war with China, and his deficit financing agenda, as well as other Trump policies, will have a negative impact on the global economy by 2020, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Some op-ed opinions about Pence say Mike Pence is the slave Spartacus in Trumpian times. He goes where President Trump sends him with Bible in hand and hatred in heart. Lady Gaga, the queen of the Millennials, called Pence anything, but a Christian based on his treatment of the LGBT community over the years. His beliefs got into his politics, and the political child from that union is the man that’s next in line to be President of the United States.

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