Hopefully, The Committee Of Republicans And Democrats Just Started A Reality-Based Discussion On Border Security


The world knows President Trump’s position on a border wall. He continues to fill the border security sinkhole with comments that distract rather than help the lawmakers who want to prevent another Trump government shutdown on February 15th. One of his latest tweets let the committee know he wants a border wall to be part of the deal. He wants his real thoughts about border security to sink in so the Republicans on the committee will conform to his wishes. If the deal doesn’t include Trump’s wall, then he’ll use the state of emergency ploy to build a wall.

Jennifer Rubin in a Washington Post Op-ed said it best when she explained how real emergencies work in the government process. Mr. Trump sent numerous tweets over the several months proclaiming a state of emergency exists on the Southern Border. In real terms, a national state of emergency means the country is on the verge of experiencing a situation that could impact the health and wealth of the nation.

Those real emergencies need immediate attention and some sort of resolution from government officials. Trump’s border wall emergency is caravans of men, women, and children seeking asylum in the United States. Caravans of people arriving at the Southern border isn’t a new phenomenon, and it’s not a national emergency.

Central Americans started coming to the United States long before Trump sent up his first border wall warning shot. These tired and hungry people want help, but the U.S. immigration system doesn’t have the tools to help them. There are not enough judges to relieve the backlog, and there’s not enough Homeland Security personnel to handle the droves of people who need U.S. assistance.

Mr. Trump claims criminals, terrorists, and all sorts of riff-raft sneak across the border in order to rob, steal, torture, and sell drugs to American citizens. He thinks his border wall will stop the influx of bad guys who cross the border without being noticed. But illegal crossing dropped in 2018 without a steel wall. And according to Homeland Security, most of the drugs and the criminals that enter the U.S. come through legal points of entry. Trump’s wall won’t stop the flow of drugs, according to national security officials.

The Democrats on the committee want to address the real border issues. They want to increase the amount of money needed for true border security. If a barrier of some kind works in some areas of the border they will include those funds in their proposal. The total amount won’t be $5.7 billion. That figure comes from Trump’s altered state of reality.

The Democrats want to add more Homeland Security personnel on the border, and they want to use the latest security technology to stop people from crossing illegally. Plus, they want more judges to handle the asylum cases. The question facing the Republicans on the committee is, do they want a reality-based fix or Trump’s useless border wall?

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