What Are Freedom Checks, and How Can You Get Them?

What Are Freedom Checks, and How Can You Get Them?


Matt Badiali wants to tell you exactly what Freedom Checks are and how you can get in on the deal. Freedom Checks really do exist, and they come from what are known as “Master Limited Partnerships.” Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs are under a special type of tax structure. Because of this, these entities send as much as 90 percent of the revenue that they earn to their investors, and this has had very positive consequences. For example, because of this system, the energy sector has received a large sum of money that has created a freer America. It has also helped many Americans make their financial dreams comes true.

Because the above mentioned Americans are now living much freer lives, Matt decided to call these checks “Freedom Checks.”

Right now, there are approximately 568 MLPs that will be paying individuals $34.6 billion in the next year. It is worth mentioning that these Freedom Checks are the reason that America isn’t dependent on foreign nations for its energy. That’s because the MLPs are required to derive 90 percent of their revenue from the transportation, exploration or production of resources like gas and oil.

What Is an MLP?

In order for a company to be an MLP, it must search for new gas and oil wells, transport the oil and gas using a vast extension of pipelines and refine the gas and oil that came from Marcellus Shale, the Permian Basin, Bakken Shale or any other important gas or oil field that currently exists in the United States.

Companies that qualify as MLPs are business partnerships, but these partnerships are “limited partnerships,” and they are publicly traded on the stock exchange. Because of this, they are entitled to tax advantages that other companies do not receive, so the government does not tax their profits until after they have paid their investors. In addition to that, MLPs are rich with cash because of this system.

Statute 26-F

Congress enacted Statute 26-F in 1981, and it stated that a company that is involved in the production, processing and transportation industries is required to distribute 90 percent of its revenue to those who have invested in the business. This statute made it possible for companies that meet the requirements to offer their investors payments as often as they like.

In that same year, the government created the MLP to be an entity that is exempt from paying corporate taxes. Because of this, these MLPs have more money to offer their investors. Therefore, they are offering investors a fabulous opportunity to earn large sums of money. Investors often receive as much as a 6 percent yield on their investments. There have even been instances of people who have received 10 percent yields.

Refineries and pipelines are considered to be “slow-growth industries,” so they are not high risk investments. On top of that, they are investments for the long term that give investors a regular stream of income over many years. The MLPs’ slow-growth status makes it possible for them to consistently pay their investors a reliable source of income.

While the oil price and the gas price may go up and down on a whim, MLPs are not subjected to this roller coaster. The MLPs are getting paid to transport oil and gas whether the prices are high or low. In addition to that, some MLPs have the ability to raise the prices for use of their pipelines if inflation increases.

How Do You Invest?

In order to be entitled to receive these checks, you must do one thing as an investor. It doesn’t matter how old you are, and it doesn’t matter how much money you are earning presently. The amount of money you have in the bank doesn’t even matter. All that matters is whether or not the company that you choose to invest in can be classified as an MLP according to the above description. The good news is that you can invest in this new venture with just $10.00!

Matt Badiali sees this as an opportunity that is too good to miss because the United States does not import as much oil from the Middle East as it has in the past. It is much more difficult for American companies to explore gas and oil in Middle Eastern companies because of the increased tensions. Since America cannot depend on Middle Eastern oil as much as it had in the past, these companies are looking for a way to replace foreign oil with domestic oil.

The fracking boom has made it possible for American oil companies to increase their oil and gas production. Because of this, Matt thinks that these companies are going to start pulling in tremendous profits this year, and this trend is likely to continue for several years. He predicts that investors are going to receive $34.6 billion in Freedom Checks in the year 2018 alone.

Because the opportunity is now here, Matt Badiali says that an increasing number of Americans is going to start purchasing oil from these American companies, and anyone who invests in these companies will receive his share of the profits as a result. The key to these investments is getting in early before the demand for oil begins to increase. This means that you must purchase your investment by July 1 of next year.

Investing in an MLP

In order to be a recipient of some of these checks, you must purchase shares in an MLP. This could mean that you will purchase shares in Google stock or even Apple. There are two ways to get paid. The company that you invest in can send a check to your home, or they can send it to your brokerage account. If you would like to purchase more shares, you will be able to do this as well, but it isn’t necessary. You can expect to see your payments increase over time even if you do not purchase more shares.

The great news is that you will receive this money, and you will not have to pay taxes on it. If you ever decide to sell your shares, you can do it at the capital gains tax rate. This is good for you because your income tax rate is higher than the capital gains tax rate.

Most Americans plan for their retirements by contributing to their 401(k) accounts, and they expect that what they receive from Social Security will take care of any deficits. Matt Badiali states that these are not the most reliable investment vehicles and that an extra plan is needed. When he was asked about the Freedom Check program, Matt Badiali stated, “This private program is 10 times better than Social Security. It’s like a secret retirement program anyone can partake in.”

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