VC Shervin Pishevar Tweets to Help Out In #HowCanIHelp Movement


Shervin Pishevar TweetsNeed a little help making ends meet this time of year? If you had been on Twitter recently you may have been surprised to find entrepreneur-investor-philanthropist Shervin Pishevar asking others if they needed any kind of help, whether it was funding for a new start-up, school supplies or tuition, grants for a non-profit, or just money for food or rent.

One man and wife were being evicted from their home and asked Pishevar to help them buy a little time to pack up and leave. They reached out to Pishevar on Twitter. “A seven-month job search has been fruitless and led to this predicament,” the man (identified as 500 Words) Tweeted. “It’s not a money issue at this point,” the man explained.  “We just need some time to pack. House was sold at Sheriff’s sale and we didn’t know how it worked. First time homebuyers in a bad mortgage with banks that took advantage.”

Pishevar responded and reportedly sent the couple funds via Venmo. Pishevar then began getting requests one after another until there were over 100 Direct Messages waiting for him to respond. Pishevar asked for patience as he looked through and considered the requests.

Another Twitter user identified as @theMuslimHippie took Pishevar up on his offer of help and assistance and later posted: “I was at the end of my rope this morning. I emailed @shervin a d told him about my situation. He already responded. #howcanihelpyou If you need help, give him a try. You never know.”

The gesture of helping others grew as Pishevar encouraged entrepreneurs among his Twitter Followers to make the same gesture and spread the help and service.

“Was inspired to start #howcanhelpyou movement,” Pishevar Tweeted. “If we all ask ‘How Can I Help You?’ we will start a wave of goodness that spreads everywhere. I will try help solve any problems people have because it’s a good thing to do. How can I help YOU?”

One Twitter User no doubt got laughs from readers when they asked Pishevar for help preparing a French recipe. Pishevar got the joke and admitted that was not in his skill set.

Some might say that helping others in need is just part of what Pishevar’s mission statement has always been about, no matter which company he’s working with at that moment. From 2013 to the end of 2017, Pishevar helped raise and invest over $650 million. Forbes magazine ranked Shervin #93 on 2017’s The Midas List for the top 100 venture investors. He has been ranked in the Midas List top 100 venture capitalists list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Pishevar has invested many companies with names most people will recognize including CabanaApp (sold to Twitter), Dollar Shave Club (sold to Unilever), and Cherry (sold to Lyft). Others include Aardvark, Gowalla, Milo (sold to eBay), Kissmetrics, Klout, LikeALittle, RapGenius, Rapportive (sold to Linkedin), Rixty, SolveMedia, Taskrabbit, Tello, Postmates, Votizen and Qwiki.

Along with the recent Tweets and #howcanIhelpyou movement to assist others in need, Pishevar’s media channel (on his Twitter page as well as his personal website) also features information and regular updates on his many business and investment ventures. Virgin Hyperloop One is often in Pishevar’s Tweets; he highlights video and graphics on this state-of-the-art transportation system he co-founded. Virgin Hyperloop One is a new mode of transportation that moves freight and people quickly, safely, on-demand and direct from origin to destination, building economic strength in the communities served by the system.

Throughout his career, Pishevar has supported many charities serving a variety of human needs including and the Malala Fund, which provides funding to help girls in developing nations go to school and reach their full potential. He has  also traveled to Africa as a volunteer with Invisible Children.

Invisible Children is a global organization that protects children in war-torn countries. Since its inception, the organization’s goals have broadened, and the mission is now to keep children and families safe and secure in countries throughout Africa. As part of Invisible Children’s mission, Pishevar travelled to Libya, went to Egypt with actor Sean Penn, and served as a leading voice in Silicon Valley supporting justice for the young.

Charity: water is another organization that Pishevar supports. Charity: water is a fundraising venture for building wells and supplying clean water to impoverished people all over the world. It is one of Pishevar’s most cherished charities, and as a devoted champion of the organization, he has travelled to Africa and seen with his own eyes how devastating it is to live without clean water. On his 38th birthday, Shervin asked people not to give him gifts, but donate money to the charity to help develop more freshwater projects in Ethiopia and other countries. He was able to raise $43,000 during this birthday campaign.

Pishevar helped launch the 1% of Nothing organization with Matt Galligan, Michael Birch and Scott Harrison in 2011. As part of his devotion to global good, this Pishevar project is an innovative campaign to encourage entrepreneurs to donate 1% of their equity to charities. Flipping the idea that startups and businesses should care for themselves before they care for the needy, Shervin partnered with Matt Galligan to promote the practice, with Galligan himself donating 1% of Socialthing, his company, to the Community Foundation of Boulder. The thought process for 1% was that even a small amount of equity could grow and eventually lead to substantial funds being directed towards positive global change.

Shervin Pishevar is also a strong supporter of This organization is dedicated to proving the power of experiential learning through entrepreneurship and igniting the potential of youth in under-resourced communities. Their aim is to enhance the education of students by leveraging their expertise in entrepreneurship and experiential learning to decrease drop-out rates and increase student engagement and learning, leading more students to finish high school prepared for future success.

In addition to these identified charities, Pishevar also launched the Cyrus Prize to celebrate and inspire Iranian culture and entrepreneurship. The $100k grant is awarded to Iranian-born innovators who embody the unique traits and talents of the region. The first prize was awarded to Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi.

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