Two Sailors Saved by Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

For almost three weeks, two sailors were stranded at sea until rescued by the aid of a passing cruise ship. Floating adrift and without fuel, the two survived on what little fish they could manage to catch and were running low on fresh water to sustain themselves with by the time they were saved. As if by the work of some Christmas miracle, the two sailors were discovered on their fishing vessel by The Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas, a giant cruise ship equipped with eleven decks, including a dining hall, specialty cafes, four bars, a luxury spa, a grill, and even a rock-climbing wall.
The cruise ship had been rerouted, simply by coincidence, from Cienfuegos, Cuba to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Late Friday evening, the sailors were pulled from waters between Grand Cayman and Jamaica after the cruise ship noticed their signal light. Initially, captains aboard The Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas tried calling rescue squads from Grand Cayman and Jamaica but were unsuccessful as the rescue centers could not provide assistance at the time.
So not to leave the poor seafaring drifters stranded any longer, the cruise ship lowered a small tender boat to rescue the sailors. They were then given water and medical attention. One of the men was too weak to walk. They were taken from the ship at Ocho Rios to receive more adequate medical attention at a local hospital. As the two left the hospital, crew members from the ship gifted them $300 to buy some new clothing with.
The sailors had originally set off from Costa Rica to fish, but, as they slept overnight in their vessel, the fishing boat was carried by a sea wrought by unfavorable weather. Attempting to get back to safety, they exhausted all of their fuel and were left helpless amidst the sea.

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