Trump’s Border Wall Obsession Is His Ace In The Hole With His Voters


The Mueller investigation has Trump on the political ropes. But Trump likes a good fight. He likes to paint a picture of a dysfunctional judicial system and a Washington swamp filled with immigrant lovers. He enjoys telling his voters there’s a Democratic plot to throw him to the political wolves. Trump knows he’s in trouble, and that’s when the showman in Trump shines through.

The Trump-Pelosi-Schumer meeting gave his voters a chance to see Trump giving the Democrats a piece of the world, according to Donald Trump. And his voters loved it. It didn’t matter that Pelosi and Schumer didn’t want the cameras in the oval office during the meeting to avert a government shutdown. Trump wanted to show his best reality show side during that meeting and it worked. His cry for $5 billion to build the border wall didn’t matter much to his voter base. What mattered to the Trumpians that stand behind the president in a puddle of his lies was the president giving the Democrats a Trump border wall slap down. That slap down only made sense to his voters and a few stray cats that won’t be able to cross the border to get back home.

When all the other Trump tricks fail, his television personality takes over, and he’s back in his comfort zone. His voter base loves his celebrity antics. In fact, his TV personality keeps his voter base intact. Loyal Trump voters stick with the president even though they know Trump is usually full of human toilet trash.

Trump pledged to get the border wall built even if he has to shut down the government to do it. Mr. Trump calls the Democrats “absolute hypocrites.” Mr. Trump claims the Democrats wanted border barriers before he got the big job. But now that he’s president they don’t want to secure the borders. In order to make his claim real, he posted a video of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer talking about the lack of border security. That video surfaced two days after Trump’s televised meeting with Pelosi and Schumer.

Mr. Trump knows he doesn’t have the votes to secure $5 billion to build a wall. But that’s not stopping him from putting on a show for his voter base. They love it when Trump throws those condescending Democrats Twitter bombs and verbal insults. Those nasty comments make Trump great in the eyes of his shrinking voter base, and they make him great in his eyes too.

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