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Trump’s Actions Look Worse Following Latest Revelations of Mueller Investigation

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The most recent revelations in the Russian election tampering saga should cause Americans to focus their full attention on a seven-week period beginning in June 2016 and ending in late July. The period began with Donald Trump Jr. planning a meeting at Trump Towers with Russian officials and ended with Donald Trump Sr. calling publicly for Hillary Clinton’s emails to be hacked by the Russians.

We now know that during this seven-week period, the Trump organization was negotiating a private business deal in Russia that required approval from the Kremlin. It is more than likely Trump and senior members of his campaign were aware of Russia’s desire to sabotage the elections for the benefit of his campaign.

It is clear now that on at least one occasion our president absolved Russia publicly of any responsibility for meddling with the 2016 elections. The president did so while in negotiations with high-ranking Russian officials regarding private financial dealings.

The legal team of the one-time personal lawyer for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, filed documents requesting leniency for their client over the weekend. Cohen has previously confessed to lying under oath to Congress in order to conceal plans by the president to construct a Trump Towers in Moscow.

The filing by Cohen’s legal advisors admits that Cohen was in ‘close contact’ with advisors to the White House and the president’s legal team while in preparations to lie to Congress.

So why the lies from both Cohen and Trump regarding the timeline of financial negotiations with Russia? It is likely that Democrats are right in their assessment that Trump was compromised by Russian knowledge he was concealing financial dealings in Russia while calling for political and economic sanctions to end against the country.

Americans should take a close look at the seven-week period mentioned above to get a full understanding of just how corrupt the actions of the President was.

A major unknown in all the muck and mire is whether the president knew about the Trump Tower meeting when it was scheduled or took place. This puzzle piece is important to discover because the president of our country may have very well been aware of the plans of Russia to interfere with our Democratic process while continuing financial dealings with them.

It is certain that at the very least, top campaign officials and family members of President Trump were fully aware of Russia’s attempt to sabotage the elections. And according to the words of Cohen in his plea agreement, the one-time fixer for the president kept them all abreast of the status of the Trump Tower deal in Moscow.

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