The Trump Organization Allegedly Offered Putin a Free Penthouse in the New Moscow Trump Tower

Trump - Russia, Trump Organization

The plot thickens for Mr. Trump and the Trump organization. The news coming out of the G20 meeting about a new NAFTA deal gave Trumpians something to cheer about. But the deal needs lawmakers’ approval in all three countries. Trudeau gave Trump an icy Canadian greeting. Trudeau wants Trump to take the tariffs off steel and aluminum. But Trump wants to keep Trudeau down while he flaunts his NAFTA win. Mr. Trump needs a win, according to most news headlines.

Mr. Trump is neck-deep in Michael Cohen questions. And for good reason. Cohen said Trump’s story about not having any business deals in Russia was a bunch of crap. The Trump Organization tried every way they could to put a Trump Tower in Putin’s backyard, but something always messed up the deal. An article in The Hill said the Trumps started their Russian quest as far back as 1987. Mr. Cohen said Trump didn’t give up that quest when he got the big job. Cohen said he finally had real Russian interest in June 2016.

Now that Cohen let out one of the ghosts in Trump campaign closet, Trump had to cancel the G20 Russian meeting. Mr. Trump knew another one-on-one conversation with Putin would certainly be grounds for some Trump loyalist to turn in their red MAGA Hats. Trump’s team came up with a lame excuse about Trump’s quick schedule change. Trump said he didn’t like Russian aggression against Ukraine. But the Russian press saw right through that statement. They know Trump changed his mind about meeting Putin right after the Cohen story went viral.

But here’s the news that should really get Trump’s thumbs excited. The House Intelligence Committee got wind of the 2016 Russian-Trump property deal, and they want to know more. According to a BuzzFeed article, the Trump Organization planned to give Mr. Putin a free penthouse in that new Trump property. That information opens an enormous can of political worms if that information passes the non-fake news test.

Old questions about Trump’s alleged financial deals with the Russians are back in the news. The big question that many people had when Trump and Putin snuck off together in Helsinki is back too. Does Putin have Trump’s number? The Russians found a way to step on Democracy using Donald Trump. Communism trumping Democracy is worth Putin’s effort. He’s the first Soviet leader to do that.

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