The Trump Campaign Happened at the Right Time for Vladimir Putin

U.S. - Russia, Vladimir Putin

Some people are beginning to wonder what sitting in a room filled with Trump’s slippery campaign officials would feel like. Six of his campaign warriors fell on their swords rather than rat on the president. They will spent some quiet time somewhere special for their lying skills.

But The Trump presidency happened at the right time for Vladimir Putin. Putin and the Democrats didn’t see eye to eye on anything. and Putin blamed Hillary Clinton her for applying sanctions against Russia. Putin, the former KGB agent, wanted to get even with Clinton on the world stage.

The Trump organization wanted to put a Trump Tower in Russia for decades. But Trump was just a rich American businessman with yellow hair to Vladimir Putin. Businessmen from countries around the world want a piece of the Russian economy but they have to go through Putin to get it. Some news reports say dealing with Putin can be painful to the wallet. He is the wealthiest person on the planet, according to his opponents.

But when Trump and the Trump family went to Russia for the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013, they already knew they had to find a way to Putin. The family set up a meeting with Russian officials who report to Putin through a friend of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. The Trumps discussed the Trump Tower deal in Moscow. But some news reports say Trump also let the Russians know he had plans to run for president in 2016.

Imagine what Putin thought when those officials told him about their meeting with Trump. If Trump was a possible candidate, perhaps Putin saw a way to embarrass Hillary Clinton and compromise the democratic system at the same time. Putin knew about Trump’s real estate background and his mobster mentality. Putin knew what buttons to push with Trump. He also knew it is always about the money with Trump. Watching Trump bashed Clinton in a vicious political way was probably some sort of spiritual experience for Putin. He finally let one greedy American show the world what the United States really looks like now.

According to a Washington Post opinion article, the signs that Trump and Russia had something going on during the campaign are blinking red. From the beginning of June to the third week of July, Trump made several statements about Russia. And he made statements to take blame away from Russia for hacking Clinton’s emails. That’s because he got a heads up from someone that the Russians hacked Clinton’s email.

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