The Signs That Donald Trump Is the First Childlike President Are Everywhere

President D. Trump, President Trump

Patti Davis, the daughter of President Ronald Reagan wrote a Washington Post opinion article about Trump’s behavior as president. She has fond memories of her dad’s presidency. Trump’s presidency, in her mind, doesn’t have the same desirable flavor as her dad’s presidency. Davis said there is a child in the White House. It’s plain to see why she has that opinion. Mr. Trump’s temper tantrums, false statements, and bullish tweets are childlike in the minds of Americans across the country.

But even though Davis has a point, Trump isn’t just childlike, he’s a child with a mobster’s mentality. There is an inherent parental role in the presidency. Presidents should know how to deal with the dangers that face the nation. But Trump seems to create dangers and then he acts like he can solve them In his first two years, Trump created more dangers than he defused. His meetings with European Union leaders turned trusted allies into a group of angry politicians who think Trump is in over his head. Trump is a joke in Europe, and he’s an antagonist in China. Even his most arduous supporter, Vladimir Putin, thinks Trump is a liability.

Just like a kid who doesn’t get his way, Mr. Trump plays the tariff card, and he uses sanctions as weapons against his enemies. Sanctions give Trump the sense of power that children get when they think they have the upper hand. Trump has the power to change the world’s economy, and he’s doing that, but not in a good way. Upending the global economy seems to be his only accomplishment as his presidency begins to unravel.

But Mr. Trump will accomplish other things before he falls from grace. He will go down in history as the most investigated president in modern history. His attempt to throw a narrow-minded and bigoted monkey wrench in American Democracy will be discussed and dissected for years.

Trump, the childlike reality star, who hates immigrants, and treats women like sex toys still has his voter base to please so he won’t stop lying. The Democrats say Mueller’s investigation proves Mr. Trump is the political gangster he always wanted to be.

As Patti Davis points out, most people don’t comprehend the damage Trump will leave behind once all his devious acts are public knowledge. The United States lost some of its global power under Trump, and it may take years to get it back. But Trump will continue to claim he’s the most important and most successful president in America’s history. But when all the investigations go into the record books, the only people who will believe those lies are his children.

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