Rudy Giuliani Is The Reincarnated Version Of A Court Jester

Rudy Giuliani

No one can deny the fact that Rudy Giuliani likes to entertain as well as make silly comments that only make sense to him and the president. Rudy is a modern-day court jester who gives the monarch a refreshing blast of things to say when the Mueller team drops a legal bomb in the president’s lap. Some Democrats say Rudy’s working on borrow time. He should be back in Florida helping rich foreigners find a legal wormhole in the system so they can take advantage of the American dream. But instead, He’s throwing his slanted, meaningless legal concepts out in the world to slow down Donald Trump’s fate.

Giuliani and Trump have that New York City tough guy character down to a tee. They know how to use gangster talk to throw people off guard. Both men embellish their version of the truth and millions of people believe it. Their ability to bring a new twist to the truth has turned America’s political system into an entertainment venue. Rudy is the performer who knows he can fumble the White House ball and still win the admiration of the president. His latest attempt to hide the fact that Mr. Trump signed a letter of intent with the Russians to build a Trump Tower in Moscow is just one screw-up in a long list of screw-ups Giuliani masterfully executed.

The list of false statements Giuliani tries to sell to the American public put him in the running for the aging fool of the century. And it looks like Rudy wants that title more than he wants to keep his credibility. Giuliani calls Michael Cohen a liar, and he calls James Comey names that seem to describe Trump more than the former FBI director. He gives Mueller an “F” in terms of concrete evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice. But Mueller continues to tighten the legal noose around Trump’s neck.

But a lot of people give Rudy high marks for trying to defend Trump in the first place. Trump’s other lawyers resigned when they discovered Trump has pulled the wool over millions of voters eyes while he smiles and gives the fat cats another slice of cold hard cash. There’s not a huge number of lawyers who would betray all that’s right and proper by defending the first mobster president in history. But Giuliani is no ordinary lawyer. He’s a former prosecutor and mayor of New York City. New Yorkers loved Rudy when his mind functioned like a legitimate lawyer’s mind functions. But those days are long gone.

Trump needs Giuliani. He needs a lawyer who’s not afraid to make a fool of himself and then deny he did. This is the age of deceitful, terror-filled, and border wall dreams. And Giuliani holds a prominent position in that dream.

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