Mueller Has Conspiracy Theorist Jerome Corsi In A Corner And He’s Fighting Back

Robert Mueller

Trump voters don’t care what Trump did or didn’t do during the 2016 campaign to win the election. They don’t care if the Trump Organization worked with the Russians during the campaign. Trump voters say the only way to beat the American justice system is to break it down, tear it apart, trash it, and start fresh.

Donald Trump brings his own version of political freshness to those voters. It should be obvious by now that Trump voters will stand behind the president as federal prosecutors and the Mueller investigation take Trump’s plan to dominate the world in an unorthodox and illegal way, apart.

The list of characters some consider Trump groupies like Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi still believe Trump is the person who will stand tall and survive. They say Trump will beat the accusations and facts that keep coming to the surface every time Mueller indicts one of Trump’s campaign officials for lying. The list of Trump liars would make Pinocchio proud. Six members of the Trump brigade are in line for orange jumpsuits. But Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, the two Trumpians who defy Mueller, want to show the Trump’s voter base they are the “wise guys” that won’t flip on the president.

Roger Stone claims he’ll plead The Fifth when Congress puts him on the hot seat. He’s not going to rat on his mob boss no matter the cost. Trump gave Stone a big high-five for having the guts to tell Mueller to kiss his GOP and Trump-loving ass. But Jerome Corsi wants to avoid Mueller’s wrath by taking legal action against the special prosecutor.

Corsi claims Mueller tried to strong arm him during his questioning session. Jerome claims Mueller wanted him to lie about his involvement with Stone and Trump. Mueller and his team know Corsi played a pivotal role in getting information on Democratic operatives and giving that information to Stone. Stone took that information and allegedly gave it to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Mr. Corsi wants Mueller to pay him $100 million in damages and $250 million for damaging his reputation. Corsi likes to write about conspiracy theories like the Obama birthplace cover-up. In fact, that’s how Trump met Corsi. Trump used Corsi’s information to discredit Obama when he first took office.

The interesting thing about the Corsi lawsuit is Corsi was ready to sign a plead with Mueller. He said he would admit to supplying information to Stone, but he suddenly changed his mind. Some news reports say Corsi wants to throw Mueller off course by filing the lawsuit. But the people who know how Mueller operates say that’s not going to happen.

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