Michael Flynn’s 19 Meetings With The Mueller Isn’t Good News For Trump Jr.

Michael Flynn

The picture of Michael Flynn yelling “lock her up” during the 2016 campaign flashes across the minds of Trump voters when they hear reports that say Mr. Flynn flipped on the president. Mueller and most Americans want to know what Trump was thinking when he asked the Russians to come up with more dirt on Clinton when he stood in front of a television audience. It looks like Michael Flynn told Mueller what Trump thought and what campaigners did behind the scenes to make sure Clinton didn’t have a chance of winning. Clinton bashing was one of Trump’s favorite past times. But Clinton bashing took a back seat in Trump’s Twitter vehicle when Robert Mueller started his investigation.

Right after Trump asked the Russians the email question, Clinton’s email account got hacked. Trump claimed he and his organization were Russian-free during the campaign. But as more Mueller information comes to the surface that claim doesn’t hold water unless you’re still drinking Trump Kool-Aid.

Mueller discovered Flynn lied when he gave sworn statements to Congress, and that opened a Trumpian door. Flynn is not the type of guy who would do well wearing an orange jumpsuit, so he decided to help Mueller get to the bottom of the Russian-Trump connection. Flynn spent hours with the Mueller team. According to legal experts, the substantial information Mr. Flynn gave to Mueller should keep Donald Trump awake at night.

Mueller doesn’t want Flynn to serve any jail time for lying. His cooperation in not just one Mueller investigation, but in three investigations helped the Mueller team put together the Russian-Trump puzzle. A Mueller court document explains what the other two investigations are all about, but most of the information is still top secret.

Meeting with Mueller and his team 19 times, and providing substantial information can only mean Mueller hasn’t given out all the indictments yet, according to the legal experts. Three names keep popping up now that Cohen made a deal, and Flynn got real in order to avoid prison time. Those three names are Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, and Jerome Corsi.

Corsi, Stone, and Don Jr. are in hot water, according to some news reports. But Trump still holds his ground by claiming Stone has guts, and Corsi isn’t a close friend. And he always defends his son even though Don Jr. allegedly had more contacts with the Russians than any other Trump official except for Michael Cohen.

A recent Fox News reports said Don Jr. thinks Mueller will come after him. When that happens, Trump’s dream to build a Trump Tower in Moscow with Putin living in the gold-studded penthouse might end.

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