It Looks like Mueller May Have Another Teflon Don on the Legal Ropes

President D. Trump, President Trump, Robert Mueller

If Trump presidency feels like somebody gave the keys to Democracy to a mob boss, then you’re in the toss Trump to the Mueller alligators club. And Mueller’s alligators are up for feeding on Trump’s campaign family members. The Democrats want to bring young Don Jr. back to Congress to explain why he did a little middle-finger lying to Congress the last time he was there. News reports claim Trump has a reputation for hanging around the New York mob during his glory days as a New York real estate developer. His father had connections to New York crime families. Donald liked the wise guy lifestyle in New York City. Mob families controlled made things happen if you’re a real estate developer.

Trump’s mafia business associates taught Trump how to smooze his way to the finish line. In order to get to that finish line, Trump became one of those street guys. Trump built a wealthy, educated version of John Gotti, and he calls that version Donald J. Trump. Don Sr. had the right connections and enough bargaining power to put his name in lights back in the 1970s. The shining example of Trump’s Teflon Don image is Trump Tower. Trump Tower is a product of mob manpower.

Trump throws out words like “rat” in true mobster fashion. And when Michael Cohen, one of his lawyers, turned red coat and spilled his guilty guts out, Trump went into gangster mode. He tried to explain why Cohen had to “flip.” Another mobster enriched word that only gains its true character when it flows out of a gangster’s mouth in a sea of mortal sin. Mr. Trump may be a Wharton graduate, but he got his education and beliefs from the mob. The mob taught Trump how to use his gift of grab. If he could fool the mob and get away with it, he knew he could do the same thing to people who respect the system and the law. If he could throw enough racism and salacious behavior in front of the American public, it would give him the rank of Super Teflon Don. Millions of people looking for a political Robin Hood found that hero of the common man in Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump doesn’t have the resume to be a Robin Hood. He’s the guy who made sure he got rich using the uneducated and the ignorant. But Trump met his match in Robert Mueller. Mueller’s the prosecutor who took John Gotti, the Italian Teflon Don down in the 1990s. The lawyers who know and work with Mueller say he’s a Teflon Don slayer. His intensity and knowledge of the law, as well as his incredible work ethic, will give Trump the tweeting information he needs to sell his version of La Cosa Nostra to his tweetsters.

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