The Founding Father’s Version Of Trust And Integrity Has Left The Building

President D. Trump, President Trump, Robert Mueller

The Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election isn’t over. Mueller’s team release some interesting details when Mueller wanted to give Michael Flynn a break. He doesn’t want Flynn behind bars. Flynn still wants to help Mueller put the pieces together so two other Mueller investigations can end. One of those investigations may be a criminal case, according to the papers Mueller filed with the court.

The speculation that Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and Donald Trump Jr. can expect a notice that Mueller’s going to indict him, is off the charts. Roger Stone is not going to tell what he knows about his relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or what those Corsi messages mean. It sounds like Corsi moderated a business transaction of some sort with Stone. And that Stone-Assange business transaction meant something to the Trump campaign.

The information Flynn gave Mueller put Mr. Trump on notice. There’s a legal and political storm headed his way, and it’s going to be a category 4-type blowdown. Mueller doesn’t have enough solid evidence to claim Mr. Trump does have business deals with the Russians. And there’s no solid evidence he knew about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Mueller may be on third base when it comes to connecting Donald Trump to any unlawful activity that had an impact on the election. But he’s still up to bat, and Trump’s still tweeting fouls.

According to Washington Examiner, Trump could lose his keys to the White House if his conduct before the election resulted in the corrupt acquisition of office. Mueller’s two other investigations, or one, could be trying to piece together the puzzle that shows Trump got to be president through illegal transaction before and during the campaign. Mueller hasn’t proved that alleged fact yet, but one of the Trump Organization’s priorities was, and some say probably still is, building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Some news reports say the Trump’s offered Putin a $50 million penthouse if he would give his blessing so the project could start.

Those claims and other claims that question Trump’s truthfulness seems to become fairy dust in the minds of Trump’s lawyers. Rudy Giuliani always has something to say about Trump’s truthfulness when Mueller throws another juicy morsel of truth his way. Rudy put the president’s feelings about the truth out there in simple terms. The president believes truth is in the eyes of the beholder. Trump’s version of truth, trust, and integrity have the founding fathers turning over in their graves. The ghosts of ancient Washington think Trump wants his own constitution. It would be easier to rule the world that way.

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