Christmas Festivities Turn Deadly in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

Decorating for Christmas should be a happy occasion instead of one where you fear for your life. While decorating with her boyfriend, Lisa Williams was shot and killed by his ex-wife. Her mother remembers Lisa as a kind person who was willing to help anyone and just wanted to have a family of her own. The killing took place on a Sunday afternoon in Salt Lake City. The children, three-year-old twins, were in the home at the time the shooting took place.

Chelsea Cook arrived at the apartment because she wanted to give her children medicine for a cough. After giving the children medicine, Chelsea was asked to leave the apartment by her ex-boyfriend and Lisa. She refused to leave the home. When she refused to leave, she made her way to a bathroom in the apartment and locked the door. Chelsea reportedly contacted 911 while she was in the bathroom.

When Chelsea walked out of the bathroom, she had a gun and shot Lisa multiple times until Lisa fell onto the floor. Lisa’s boyfriend was in the parking lot of the apartment complex when Chelsea shot Lisa. After hearing the shots, Lisa’s boyfriend entered the apartment and took the gun away from Chelsea. He saw Lisa on the floor with several gunshot wounds in her body and called for help. While waiting for help to arrive, Chelsea sat on a chair in the home with her children. As Chelsea was getting ready to leave the apartment, Lisa’s boyfriend stopped her and held her in place until a police officer arrived to make an arrest and secure the scene. Lisa was taken to a local hospital, but she died shortly after she arrived. The children were witnesses to the killing. Lisa’s mother is saddened by the event and wants others to remember her as the kind person she was when she was alive.

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