A.D. Dolphin, The Walking Testimonial Of Dherbs’ Full Body Cleanse


Dherbs is an American herbal distribution company founded back in 2004 by A.D. Dolphin and having its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company became well know for the use of supplement tablets known as “vegicaps”, which do not contain gelatin. The aim of the organization is to properly educate people about the importance of human health and nutrition.

The most popular product that Dherbs.com has to offer is their full body cleanse, which is a 20-day program designed with all-natural ingredients, which aims to help remove up to 30 pounds of unnecessary weight. The cleanse can help with energy, immunity, circulation, libido, and it also helps people resist the urge of eating junk food. In addition to the popular full body cleanse, the company also offers cleanses specifically for men and women, and sells supplements designed to balance out health and nutrition.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dherbs is A.D. Dolphin, who is the grandson of John Dolphin, who was a music mogul back in the 1950s. A.D. Dolphin started his career in pursuit of becoming a basketball player. He found success in the professional league in Australia, and then he went on to become a coach. His built a reputation for himself as a coach, and he had over 300 private basketball students in less than 2 months. When talking about his time as a basketball coach, A.D. Dolphin notes he saw the way his clients trained and what worked for them, and he trained every one of them not simply according to their desires but also according to what their needs were.

After exploring opportunities in the real estate and music market, A.D. Dolphin ended up launching his first company in 2004, Dherbs Inc. He talked about his motivation behind starting his own company noting that he always wanted to be an entrepreneur and follow in the footsteps of his family, given that everyone in his family owned businesses. Quickly after launching the company, he designed the company’s best selling product, The Full Body Cleanse, the theory behind the product being to detoxify the body and provide essential nutrients and vitamins in order to promote better sleep, increase energy, and also enable a new life course as far as healthy eating goes. The company extended its reach into the online in 2011, with the launch of Dherbs.com.

During an interview, A.D. Dolphin talked about certain aspects of the business and what the plans for the company are. He points out that once his basketball career came to a close, he was in need of a regimen in order to maintain his overall body health, which is when he was introduced to the concept of cleansing by one of his friends. Soon enough, he started meeting with herbalists in order to formulate a cleanse which could help people improve their health.

He points out that it took the company approximately 4 years in order to see a profit, due to the fact that every dime from the sales was put back into the business. Despite the long amount of time to take a profit, A.D. Dolphin talks about the fact that they never doubted the product and that they knew they had something special. He considers himself to be a walking testimonial due to the fact that the Full Body Cleanse changed his life.

The CEO considers the company’s segment on the Steve Harvey TV show to be his most satisfying moment in business. The company was working with a pastor who had to lose weight in order to give his wife a kidney. During that episode it was revealed by him that he lost enough weight to be able to donate a kidney, which A.D. Dolphin notes it was very moving.

When it comes to other future plans, Dherbs is preparing the launch of a TV show entitled “What’s Weighing You Down?” a show designed to help people achieve, through lifestyle change and cleansing, their weight goals. A.D. Dolphin considers that Dherbs has the best Full Body Cleanse in the world, due to the fact that all the products are vegan-based, without using any fillers, chemicals, or binder in any products, and that the program is designed to cleanse all organs and system within the body, helping the individual feel rejuvenated.

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