Trump’s Twitter Fingers Stab Mueller In The Back Again

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President Trump does an excellent job selling what he wants his followers to buy or believe. In order to keep his followers’ attention, he dwells on one issue long enough, and with enough energy, to make his loyal subjects believe what he’s selling. They believed Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii. And they believed the Democrats are trying to destroy the United States.

When a caravan of immigrants from Central American hit Mexico from Honduras headed for the U.S. border, Trump claimed the immigrants were bad people. They were gang members and thieves. He got his voter base to believe something he knew nothing about by repeating it over and over again in the rallies he attended and in the tweets he sent.

When things settle down, and Trump gets parts of his hidden political agenda across to his followers, he feels superior. He needs the positive reinforcement he gets from the ever-growing Trump squad. But some of the issues that bother Trump don’t always make his tweet roster unless there is some kind of activity in that issue he doesn’t like. The Mueller Russian collusion investigation is one of those issues. For the good part of two years, Robert Mueller, and his team of investigators have put together enough evidence to indict 32 people. Four people worked for the Trump campaign. Even his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen has an orange jumpsuit in his future.

During the summer, Mr. Trump put Mueller in the Twitter frying pan almost non-stop when his team of lawyers tried to stop Mueller from interviewing Trump in person. But then the Midterm Elections rolled around, and Trump put Mr. Mueller on the back burner. But now that his pal Roger Stone may be the next person Mueller wants to put away, Trump has Mueller in his tweeting crosshairs.

Mueller’s investigation isn’t valid in Trump’s mind. Mueller worked for the Obama administration so he has to be a bad guy. And his “Witch Hunt” has to be corrupt because Mueller is absolutely nuts. And just for good measure, Trump capped off one of his tweets with “the Mueller investigation is a disgrace.” It seems odd that Trump would bring up Mueller in his tweeting act. Some news reports say Mueller and Trump’s lead lawyer Rudy Giuliani made a deal for Trump to answer Mueller’s questions in writing not verbally. Giuliani thinks Trump will not handle a person-to-person interview in a way that benefits the president. So Mueller is the new villain. He’s the guy that’s ruining the country right now. But in Trump’s world, it could be someone else tomorrow.

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