Trump’s Paris Trip Gave Europeans More Reasons To Reject Him

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Trump mission, according to his aides, is to make Europe pay for America’s protection. He wants the European Union to break apart. He wants his nationalistic message to resonant with the European countries that embrace nationalism, according to some news reports in Europe.

But France is not one of those countries. French President Macron made that clear during the ceremony honoring World War I fighters. Macron said nationalist are not patriots. Nationalists are the opposite of patriots, and they stand in the way of global unity and peace.

Mr. Macron made comments directed at Trump without saying his name. Trump made it clear that he wants no part of global unity when he didn’t go to the cemetery service that honored more than 2,000 American and French soldiers who died during one of the bloodiest battles of World War I.

Trump didn’t give one of his insulting speeches while he was in Paris. He kept the falsehoods he usually lets out during a news conference to himself this trip. But he still managed to upset the Europeans. He sent a tweet to President Macron that started his trip off on the wrong foot. Macron made a comment about Europe defending itself from threats from Russia and China. And he even threw the United States into that mix for good measure.

Trump said it was an insult to insinuate that the United States is a threat to Europe. But when he didn’t show at the cemetery because it was raining, Macron knew the president was there because he had to be there. Trump didn’t want to be part of the ceremony that 60 other world leaders were taking an active part in.

Trump’s meeting with Macron in front of the press wasn’t a typical Trump press event. The president was still fuming over Macron’s comments, but Trump kept his cool. When the 60 world leaders walked down the Avenue des Champs Élysées dressed in Black, Trump, and Putin didn’t participate. That sent a clear message to the European Union. The United States and Russia have a different agenda when it comes to dealing with Europe. And that agenda conflicts with Macron’s vision of Europe and the world.

Trump’s America’s first slogan wasn’t part of the ceremony in Paris. The slogan in Paris and in Europe wasn’t America first. It was America’s alone.

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