Trump Steps Into The Mississippi Senate Runoff Race To Confirm His Racial Dominance

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Trump claims the midterm elections proved his presidency is on the right track. Mr. Trump told reporters the midterm elections were a success, and he’s ready to move forward and make America great again. But according to several political analysts, the midterm elections did the opposite. The Democrats took the House back, and they are loading their investigating weapons now so they will be ready to attack Trump in 2019. And according to California Congressman Adam Schiff, the Trump investigations will be intense.

But Mr. Trump doesn’t worry about 2019. He still has unfinished business in 2018. The main business on his agenda right now is making sure Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith gets elected in Mississippi. Backing Hyde-Smith is a no-brainer for Trump even though she said she would sit and watch a public hanging with a supporter. Hyde-Smith is a racist, but in Mississippi, racists are the flavor of the day.

Hyde-Smith’s opponent, Mike Espy, made sure the central theme of his campaign included a heavy dose of racial discrimination charges. Former Congressman Mike Espy was Clinton’s agriculture secretary, so he knows how the system works. He also knows he’s an underdog in Mississippi even though his credentials are impressive.

Trump hasn’t always been a Hyde-Smith fan, but she claims to be one of Trump’s loyal henchmen. Trump decided to make the Senate race about him because he doesn’t want her opponent to win. Hyde-Smith is the first woman to serve in the Senate from Mississippi, and Trump tolerates women in Congress. But if Mike Espy wins, he would be the first black Senator from Mississippi, and that would make Trump’s racist nerves act up. Trump wants to keep Mississippi in pure racist Trumptopia. He won the state by 18 points in 2016.

Some news reports say Hyde-Smith will win because of Trump’s support, but other reports say Mississippi will follow Alabama and vote for Democrat Espy because he is the most qualified candidate. But no one knows what the Mississippi voters will decide now that Trump wants his voter base to get off the couch and vote for Hyde-Smith.

The Senate race will define the state’s racial index, according to the Washington Post. Mississippi has strong ties to the old southern confederacy. The Civil War ended more than 150 years ago, but in parts of Mississippi, that war rages on.

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