Trump Silently Campaigned for His Second Term While He Became the Clear Winner of the Midterm Elections

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There is an attribute in Donald Trump personality that people rarely talk about. All the great people manipulators from centuries past have the same attribute. Trump can make his loyal subjects feel like they are political, economic, and social experts. Mr. Trump can say a phrase a certain way, and he can lift his hands up in the air, and make that little Cheerio sign with his thumb and his forefinger. All his gestures and mannerisms come from his ability to look like he’s talking to people on their level. A level of understanding that comes from a “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it,” mentality.

The ability to entice people to believe what he believes has many advantages. That ability and the advantages were on full display during his more than 30 Republican rally visits. The visits were to get Trump voters to get out and vote for Trump Republicans. That’s what Trump told his followers. But the underlying mission, Mr. Trump always has an underlying mission, was to start campaigning for the 2020 election early, according to a Washington Examiner article.

Mr. Trump knows he’s fair game now that the Democrats have the keys to most of the doors in the House. He knows he’ll veto every bill Congress sends to him over the next two years. And he knows he can blame the Democrats for wasting time investigating when they should have been doing their job lawmaking.

All the popular mediums and clairvoyants say Trump will win the 2020 election. Trump believes it, and he lives like it already happened. That’s the other part of the Trump attribute that people overlook. Trump makes his beliefs come true. He’s completely connected to whatever that non-physical energy is that makes that happen.

That’s one reason Trump presidency is more about an awareness shift than anything else. The country will survive. Trump isn’t the first president who flew by the seat of his political pants and had millions of loyal followers. Trump has a lot of Trump left in him. Making him king of the midterm elections gives him and his attribute power even though Trump gave himself that title. But he thanked everybody else.

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