Trump Sends Mueller Written Answers and the President Says That’s All Mueller’s Getting

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The Mueller investigation seems stuck at the front door of the White House. Mueller and his team of super sleuths have indicted more than thirty people during their 19-month-long investigation. Three of those people have close ties to President Trump and his 2016 campaign. Lawyer Michael Cohen and his buddy Paul Manafort played a big part in the Trump presidential campaign, and so did Rick Gates. Gates knew he had to flip on Trump, so he did. Manafort finally got that message and flipped after a judge sentenced the convicted shyster to a lot of jail time.

The latest Trump confidant to face the wrath of Mueller, Roger Stone, doesn’t want to throw his pal under the Mueller bus. But his association with WikiLeaks could take him down. Stone allegedly played a part in the WikiLeaks scheme to release Hillary Clinton’s emails. Trump knows Mueller has information that will damage his claims that his campaign ran a clean race. So, the president has, for the last 19 months, tried to discredit Mueller, but that hasn’t worked. Trump’s day of reckoning could come at any time. But some media reports say Mueller still has questions for Trump. Trump and his team of lawyers submitted written answers to Mueller’s questions, but the president told the press he wasn’t going to answer any more questions.

But Mueller still wants to know why Trump made certain decisions once he put his royal GOP robe on and started ruling the American monarchy. The answers Trump submitted dealt with the Russian hacking during the 2016 election. Mueller still wants to know Trump’s intentions when he fired former FBI director James Comey. Trump’s not going to answer that question, according to Trump’s lead lawyer, former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Some legal experts say Mueller won’t try to subpoena Trump to get those answers. Mueller may have enough information to throw the obstruction of justice charge in Trump’s face. All of Trump’s documents and tweets, as well as the testimony from witnesses, may be all Mueller needs to pin Trump’s feet to the obstruction ground.

Some legal experts say Mueller doesn’t need Trump’s answers. He just wants to make sure Trump doesn’t complain he didn’t have a chance to defend himself when all his dirty political laundry finally hangs in front of the world. Trump thinks Mueller’s witch hunt is a waste of time and money. Trump knows a lot about wasting time and money.

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