Trump Says He’ll Get Nancy Pelosi Republican Votes If She Asks

Nancy Pelosi

Watching Trump’s Republicans fight with Democrats brings back memories of the Hatfield and McCoy war decades ago. Trump doesn’t miss a chance to belittle and berate the Democrats. According to Mr. Trump, the Democrats are America’s real political enemy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be the itch he can’t scratch enough to make her go away. But now that the Democrats are the New Kids on the Block in Congress, Trump thinks Pelosi should stick around. Mr. Trump even offered Nancy some Republican votes if the new Democratic Congressmen want to send her back to California.

That sounds like a Trump move. Mr. Trump knows Nancy won’t accept that offer. In fact, when she heard about it, her comment was “never, never, never.” Some Republicans say Trump was in 2020 campaign mode when he made Pelosi that offer. The president thinks the devil he knows in Congress will suit his re-election plans better than a new devil Speaker of the House. After all, 78-year-old Nancy’s been around Washington for 16 years. Even though she has support from most Democrats in Congress, there’s still a possibility she could be out as speaker after the January 3rd Congressional vote.

Pelosi’s re-election campaign sounds like it hit a nerve in the Democratic Party. The Democrats are in transition phase, and most members of the party want to project a new image. A new image and a new message will give the party the momentum it needs to beat Trump in 2020, according to several political analysts. And those analysts say Nancy doesn’t fit into that new image.

The Democrats don’t want to miss this opportunity to overhaul the appearance of the Party. The days when Bill Clinton could bring the party together and when Obama could make speeches that changed the course of an election are long gone. Even Hillary Clinton, the woman who should be president, isn’t the person Democrats want in their corner anymore.

Mr. Trump sees an opportunity to keep the Democratic Party in turmoil. If he claims he wants Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House, then he’s reaching across the aisle. He’s helping the person he says he likes. But Trump’s gesture toward Pelosi isn’t about reaching across the aisle. Trump wants to build his wall in 2019, and he knows he’ll need the Democrats to get the $5 billion he wants. Trump claims he’ll shut the government down in December if he doesn’t get wall funding, according to the Washington Post, but Trump won’t do that because Senator leader McConnell says that’s not going to happen.

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