Trump Puts Himself on the Midterm Ballot and That Strategy May Be His Kryptonite

Midterm Ballot, Midterm Election

It seems like President Trump has a love for Air Force One. He’s flying around the country trying to put his stamp on Republican candidates in tight midterm races. Trump’s campaign strategy offends a lot of people, but it works for his voter base. Trump had a 40 percent approval rating going into the final days of the midterm election, so a lot of people believe he’s doing a great job. But according to his opponents, Trump is the Grim Reaper who shows no mercy when it comes to political attacks.

Trump’s business reputation proves Trump knows how to fight dirty and win. He has enough money to play the long game in business. The question is, does he have enough political grit to survive the short game in politics? The answer lies in the midterm elections, according to political analysts. If the Republicans get a voter-poll thrashing, Trump’s 2020 plans may change. Those plans may change because the Democrats are out for Trump’s political blood. Mr. Trump has been merciless for the last two years when it comes to treating immigrants with respect. And he’s been ruthless in the way he passes executive orders to promote his nationalistic approach to Democracy.

Mr. Trump promised his voters a tax cut if they vote Republican. And he sent troops to the border to protect his voters from a group of unarmed, tired, and hungry migrants. Trump claims the migrants are “very bad people,” and he vowed to close the borders rather than let these asylum seekers have their day in court. The president is a master manipulator. He made himself the center of attention during the midterm elections in order to solidify his chance of winning the 2020 presidential election.

President Trump will feel the political pain in a big way if his voters don’t rally around him as they did in 2016. His foreign policy initiatives don’t jive with some Republicans. And his vicious attacks on his political enemies make big Republican donors nervous. He’s betting voters will listen to him and act like true make American great again followers.

Donald Trump owns the Republican Party. He’s the man who can drain the swamp and keep the criminals out of the country, according to his loyal followers. But Trump wants to own more than the Republican Party. Trump wants complete control, but that won’t happen, according to recent poll numbers.

The president should get ready to hear the word, “loser.” Loser is the word he hates the most. If the Democrats take over the House, and maybe the Senate, he’ll be a loser in a race he was never part of, but he couldn’t stay away from.

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