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Trump Gives Himself An A+ For Leading The Country Into Chaos

President D. Trump, President Trump

In Trump’s world, nothing is real unless he wants it to be. Even conversations he has with other foreign leaders get a makeover when Mr. Trump explains what he said, and what the leader said, during high-level meetings. A good example of his creative fabrications didn’t go unnoticed when Trump told a group of reporters in California the people of Finland rake their forest floors in order to prevent fires. The Finnish president said that conversation never happened. The pair talked about fires but not raking forest floors. Finland was quick to point out they control forest fires by performing controlled burns, not leaf raking.

After Trump left the burned-out Paradise community, during his trip to California, the president forgot the name of that community even though he just toured the devastation. He told reporters he just left “Pleasure” and the devastation was hard to believe. California officials quickly corrected the president. He acknowledged his error by repeating the correct name of the area and then he moved on.

When the president sat down with Chris Wallace for a Fox News interview, he knew he would be talking to his loyal voter base. He knew he had to say some things that would give his voter base something to get riled up about. So he threw former Admiral William H. McRaven under his political bus by calling the former Navy seal an Obama fan, and a Hillary Clinton backer. He also insinuated that McRaven didn’t do enough work to find and catch Osama bin Laden.
Admiral McRaven was the leader of the 2011 raid in Pakistan that found and shot Osama bin Laden. Trump forgot the part where the CIA was in charge of finding bin Laden. McRaven and his men acted when there was enough proof that the terrorist was in a Pakistan compound.

McRaven was a Trump target for one reason. The Admiral wrote op-ed piece published by the Washington Post that criticized the president for dividing the nations and humiliating the United States on the world stage. Members of the military didn’t like Trump’s comments about the timing of the raid. A recent military survey showed 44 percent of the people serving in the military don’t like Trump. But 43 percent say he is still the man who can get it done. Whatever “it” might be.

But even though he keeps spewing falsehoods and continues to attack anyone who speaks out against him in public he still gives himself an A+ for country leadership. No one has changed the presidency into a Monarchal Idiocracy better than Trump. And in his mind, that’s A+ worthy.

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