Trump Answers Robert Mueller Questions Easily Even When He Didn’t Know The Answers

President Trump, Robert Mueller

It’s show time for President Trump. Robert Mueller finally held his feet to the fire long enough for the president to answer the questions Mueller’s been cultivating for more than 18 months. Mueller’s probably happy he’s getting Trumps answers in writing. It hard to say it more than once when your thoughts are on paper. But Trump always tells the truth if he can.

Mr. Trump didn’t waste much time letting the world know he passed Mueller’s test. The president said he aced the collusion exam because all the questions were easy. The president didn’t elaborate or explain the meaning of “easy” in his world.

It’s hard to imagine Mueller trying to bait and switch the president. You know he could word questions in that law school kind of way that wind up incriminating the person answering the question.

Trump knows something about tricked-up questions. His reality show gave him the chance to ask tricked up-questions to the celebrities who lost their sense of saneness and appeared on his show. So went the media asked Trump about the questions, he didn’t waste time throwing the tricked-up question possibility in the mix. That way, if the president does perjury himself by answering those easy questions, he can blame it on Robert Mueller. Mueller sent him what Trump calls easy tricked-up questions because he wants Trump’s help in filling in the pieces of the Mueller investigation puzzle.

Robert Mueller and his team don’t have to trick Mr. Trump. Mueller won’t indict Trump. But he will tell a story about Trump and his 2016 campaign behavior by the people he does indict. That will certainly give Trump a reason to fight. But Mueller’s not in it to fight. He got the job, and he’ll do it the way he does everything else, according to a Washington Post article. Mueller is one of those detail crazy guys who leave no stones unturned.

And this Russian collusion investigation has a lot of stones to turn over. But it appears Trump may be one of the last stones Mueller has to wipe the dirt off before he email’s a copy of his findings to the attorney general. The nation might never know what Mueller came up except for more than 30 indictments hanging from his legal gun belt. But news reporter around the world say, “That’s not going to happen.”

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