President Trump Waited Until He Got Home Before He Gave President Macron the Twitter Middle Finger

President D. Trump, President Macron, President Trump

The French have been fans of the United States ever since the French explorers got a taste of American of the American wilderness. President Trump had a big time in Paris last year. French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to meet Trump and do a little high-profile bonding. Macron was an over-the-top, gracious host, and Trump was the typical real estate developer turned president.

Trump and Macron had a great first meeting, but then Trump went home and massaged his thumbs. He wanted to show his true nationalistic colors to France and all of Europe. The European Union had little doubt about where Trump’s attention lies. He wants Europe to pay for U.S. protection, and he wants them to stay on their side of the tracks.

By the time Trump got to Paris this trip, Macron and other European leaders were ready for him. Trump was there for the 100th anniversary of a bloody World War I battle that claimed the lives of more than 2,000 American soldiers and thousands of Frenchmen. Trump was the main attraction at the cemetery part of the ceremony the first day. But the weather kept Trump’s helicopter grounded. The president didn’t want to drive 50 miles and stand in the rain. Not showing up at the cemetery, when the other leaders did, was the last straw for the Europeans. The next day Macron delivered a heartfelt speech, and in that speech, he said nationalism is the opposite of patriotism. Trump got verbally body slammed by Macron, but he kept his cool.

The president was quiet while Macron dug his escargot eating teeth in Trump’s one nerve. Trump believes he holds all the cards in his senseless game of dare he’s playing with Europe. So he waited until he got home and was in his skivvies with that famous Tweeting weapon in his hand before the emperor struck back. It was payback time Trump style now that he was in his Twitter war room.

Trump first tweet got the show started when Trump said France would be speaking German if it wasn’t for the United States save during World War II. Then he hit Macron below the belt when he said Macron has very low voter approval ratings. And he said French unemployment is ten percent. Then he claimed France is nationalistic too. They protect their wine industry using tariffs and other tricks. That’s why it’s hard to get California wines in some areas of France, according to the president. Trump wants Macron to Make France Great Again, his way. But Macron’s not feeling it.

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