President Trump Thought Chief Justice Roberts Needed a Little Twitter Pain for Thanksgiving

Chief Justice Roberts, President Trump

Donald Trump wants to put an end to the immigration problem. His solution is simple. He’ll close the borders. And if those criminal immigrants from Central America start throwing rice and beans at the border guards, Trump’s army will fill them full of lead to teach them a lesson.

But according to the constitution, the army can’t use lethal force on home soil. But Trump gave the order anyway. He knows that decision will instigate a lawsuit, but Trump likes lawsuits. Lawsuits give him the opportunity to stand in from of television cameras longer. Lawsuits give the president a chance to make up fake facts while he’s on the air.

One of those fake facts hit Chief Justice John Roberts the wrong way. After suffering another loss in California’s 9th Circuit Court, President blamed the loss on an “Obama judge. Mr. Trump believes judges make court decisions based on their political association. But Justice Roberts wasn’t going to let the president continue to bash judges because they were upholding the constitution. Justice Roberts gave Trump a piece of his mind when he said there aren’t any Obama judges or Bush Judges. And there are no Clinton or Trump judges either. Roberts said the judiciary system doesn’t take political sides.

Trump didn’t like the fact that a chief justice was scolding him in public so he went into defensive mode. He let Roberts know American judges and the courts are a” terrible disgrace.”

The president thinks Roberts needs a Trump spanking. Trump doesn’t like to lose even if he violates constitutional law. He wants the courts to agree with him because he considers himself the supreme ruler who controls all arms of the government.

Some legal experts say Mr. Trump’s abuse of power changes the way people look at the government. People who don’t understand constitutional law think Trump should make judges do what he wants done. But that’s not how the government works in the United States. Trump wants to change the United States laws. He wants to keep immigrants out of the country and he wants all conservative judges to serve on all the courts. That’s how Trump wants to make America great again.

But as long as the country has independent thinking judges and Supreme Court justices who respect and uphold the constitution, Trump’s plan to close American borders and disregard the rights of citizens will fail.

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