Mueller Kept A Low Profile Before The Midterms But Some Reports Say He’s Ready To Dish Out More Indictments

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For the last 18 months, Robert Mueller has cut through all the political roadblocks and issued 32 indictments for criminal activity. And four guilty pleas from four of Trump’s besties surfaced from those indictments. His former lawyer and dirty-deed doer, Michael Cohen, had a change of heart now that he’s looking at jail time. Some reports say Cohen gave Mueller some juicy details about Trump’s mindset and his instructions during the 2016 campaign. And Paul Manafort, a longtime Trump pal, put his tailor-made Italian suits in storage and he’s wearing an orange jumpsuit for tax evasion and other nefarious deals. Manafort decided he had to make a deal with Mueller so he spilled some Trumpian beans. and Mueller and his team put those beans in a pot of possible obstruction charges.

Roger Stone, another wealthy Trump crony, has Mueller’s attention because of his ties to WikiLeaks. Some news reports say Stone knew WikiLeaks was going to release damaging hacked information about Clinton before the smear campaign went public. Stone denies he knew, but Twitter messages and his public statements prove otherwise, according to an Associated Press article. Stone also told Steve Bannon he had inside information about Hillary in emails.

The press and Mr. Trump want Mueller to come out of the shadows and lay out what Trump and his team did or didn’t do during the 2016 campaign. Some recent news reports say Don Jr. may be the next Trump soldier to wear an orange jumpsuit. Don Trump Jr. orchestrated a meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer who, according to some reports, has connections in the Kremlin. Don Jr. lied about the reason for the meeting, and that gave Mueller enough reason to dig deeper into Don Jr.’s activities during the campaign.

Mr. Trump fired his Attorney General Jeff Sessions because Sessions didn’t want to get involved in the Mueller investigation. Trump replaced Sessions temporarily with Matt Whitaker, a former Iowa U.S. attorney. Whitaker previously said he knows how to shut down the Mueller investigation. He said the Attorney General can stop funding the investigation, and that would put an end to what Trump calls a “witch hunt” and a waste of money. Mueller will report to Whitaker until Trump appoints a permanent Attorney General.

The Democrats don’t want Whitaker in charge of the investigation, but that’s one reason Trump appointed him, according to Washington insiders. Trump knows Mueller’s investigation could hurt his chance to win in 2020, so he’ll try to derail it before that indictment train gets any closer to him or his family, according to the Democrats.

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