Hunter and Prey: Mueller Closes In On Trump-Russia Collusion

Trump-Russia Collusion

Ever since the first news broke of a possible connection between Russian election meddling and the campaign of US president Donald Trump, the nation and most of the rest of the world have waited in suspense to learn the outcome. But the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into the cabinet and campaign of Trump has actually moved at breakneck speed – compared to our only other historical precedent, Richard Nixon in Watergate, which dragged on for years.

But Mueller could just be entering his endgame. The guilty plea of Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, strikes closest to Trump’s vulnerable hide yet. Also in the news this week is the police raid of Deutsche Bank, Trump’s biggest lender, and the US Federal raid of Trump’s personal tax attorney, Ed Burke – the two stories breaking hours apart.

Cohen is pleading guilty to having lied to Federal prosecutors as to the nature of negotiations he arranged between Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin. And he has entered a plea deal with prosecutors, where it’s presumed he will be singing like the proverbial canary. Being a man who has been privy to the private dealings of Trump from the years 2006 to the present day, Cohen is in a position to air twelve years of Trump’s dirty laundry, which can only add to Mueller’s arsenal with a growing number of Trump appointees now counting at six guilty pleas and one key conviction.

While America waits for the mandated Democratic “blue wave” of the 2018 midterm election to take their seats in Congress, one can only describe the Trump-Russia investigation as having unstoppable momentum. At the least, more than one legal expert has laid out clear grounds for Trump’s impeachment for obstruction of justice based on his firing of numerous members of Federal enforcement and his threats to Mueller in an attempt to derail the investigation.

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