Herbalife Nutrition Supports New Mothers’ Nutritional Needs


Expectant mothers have a set of nutritional needs that are different than those of other women. We’ll explore why, and offer soon-to-be-moms some practical nutritional advice for this new and exciting phase in their lives, including a new booster from Herbalife Nutrition. 

Special Nutrition Needs of New Mothers

Why do new mothers have different nutritional needs? After giving birth, and for the early infant and toddler years, new mothers need to recover from the physical toll of childbirth while also maintaining enough energy and stamina to take care of their growing babies.

Most new mothers have higher caloric needs. On average, they should take in at least 2,000 calories per day and at least 500 more if they are breastfeeding. If a new mother is exercising, she needs an even higher caloric intake to sustain her energy needs.

Eating Well After Birth

New mothers should tailor their diets to focus on a daily replenishment of key nutrients.  Every meal should be a healthy balance of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, and protein.

Vegetables and fruits contain high levels of beneficial nutrients such as fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamins A and C.  Complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread, a variety of nuts, whole or powdered seeds, lentils and beans provide plant proteins, fiber, and a positive source of energy.

Lean proteins such as poultry and fish are building agents for the body and provide nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

New mothers should avoid processed and packaged foods and anything with added sugar or unhealthy saturated or trans fats.

The New Mother’s Supplemental Needs

In addition to practicing healthy eating, new mothers often need nutritional supplements to enhance their diet.

Calcium is a key supplement for new mothers who should ensure they are getting at least 1000 mgs a day, through a combination of calcium-rich leafy green vegetables, soya beans, nuts, dairy and the edible bones of fish. Adding a calcium supplement can help ensure that the needs of this essential nutrient are being adequately met.

Iron is also critical for new mothers to ensure they are generating new blood cells to replace those lost during childbirth. Lean protein such as poultry and fish are good sources of iron, as are green leafy vegetables and black beans. Lentils are also a great source of iron. Ensure you get at least 15 mgs a day.

Vegetarians and vegans should check with their doctors or nutritionists to ensure their diet meets their nutritional needs.

How Herbalife Nutrition’s New Mom Nutrient Booster Can Help

It is not always possible to meet the new mother’s holistic nutritional needs with diet alone.  Even the most well-rounded, balanced and strategic dietary plan can still lack essential nutrients.  Now there’s a nutritional booster from Herbalife Nutrition that can fill the gaps.  Herbalife Nutrition’s New Mom For Wellness Booster contains the perfect blend of key vitamins and minerals to supplement and support the new mother’s diet. Herbalife Nutrition’s new mom booster formula includes vitamin A for boosting the immune system, vitamin D and calcium to help build and sustain bones and teeth, vitamin B6 to help regulate hormones, and folate for enough energy to keep up with a baby or toddler.

In addition to these ingredients, there is iron and copper to help with maintaining healthy blood and disease immunity, thiamin to help new mothers with their sleep needs, and B12 and riboflavin for their energy needs. Finally, zinc is included to boost immunity functions.

Herbalife Nutrition You Can Trust

The nutritional booster for new mothers by Herbalife Nutrition was created with the support of nutrition scientists and produced to the highest quality standards, with a specialized focus on a new mother’s nutritional needs.

This nutritional booster should be taken once a day and contains no artificial or added flavors, colors, sugars, or sweeteners.  The new mother can add this booster to any Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Nutritional Shake or any other beverage of her choice.

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